Casino FAQ

Here we list all the frequently asked questions and answers about casinos and gambling that we have in our database. If you have a question that you can not find a answer to you can contact our experts here

What are the benefits of the online casino over land-based casino?

The first reason to choose an online casino is that it remains open 24 hours a day. Secondly, you need not to fly other cities or state to play games. Just logging into these online casinos right from your living room shall be enough.

What are the devices I need to play at the online casino?

Most of the online casinos have games that run on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. However, that depends on the games on offer too.  There are also games that do not run on mobile phones. Check out the game reviews to confirm that before anything.

How to choose the most suitable casino for myself?

There are a few points to keep in mind before selecting the online casinos. Check out for its licenses and other seals of approval that it has got from organizations like e COGRA, and others. Also, check out the game titles on offer and the reputed software providers. If the casino offers a cool welcome bonus or joining bonus in time as per the reviews of other players, then you have arrived at the right casino for yourself!

Is the online casino safe and going to keep my information confidential?

On visiting an online casino site, check out if it has 128-bit SSL Encryption. This means that it is going to keep your banking transactions safe and your personal information confidential. If the casino has games from top providers like Microgaming or NetEnt, then again, you can be sure that the casino is worth your time and money.

What is the procedure to register at an online casino?

The main reasons for online casinos to ask you to register with them before you start playing is to check if you are above the legal age to gamble and to check if you are a citizen of that country. You will require filling in:
Your personal details.

Then you will need to enter your desired USERNAME and password.
Finally, you enter your preferred betting currency.
Once the account is open, you will get to view your Welcome bonus details, or promo coupons and codes along with Newsletters in your account.

How can I make the deposit at the online casino?

To start with, go to the Casino’s Terms and Conditions page or the HELP page and read about the minimum deposits and the payment methods along with the charges that the casino might take from you while depositing. If you have any doubt clarify it first then:
Go to the DEPOSIT page and select the Payment Method
Fill in all the bank account details
Select the option of Saving the details or not.
Select the Deposit amount

What are the withdrawal methods available?

Most of the online casinos set a withdrawal limit, and players must check that out before entering the amount that he wishes to withdraw from his account at the casino. However, he would even have to ensure that he has cleared all the necessary validation by submitting all the documents that the casino asks from him regarding his identity and banking transactions.

A few casinos have a withdrawal Hold period or a Pending period where the players would have to wait for a time of over 24 or 48 hours before they get their withdrawal processed. This is just to help the players if they wish to cancel their request for withdrawal in those 24 hours.
The casinos might prefer the use of e-wallets like NETELLER, PayPal and other such names for withdrawal.

How can I track the payments and banking transactions at the online casino account?

There is a method of checking all the payments and transactions right from your account at the casino. You would be able to keep track of every deposit and withdrawal done and even get in touch with the live customer support for help in case of any doubt.

How much do I wait to get my payout and winning amounts?

You would need to wait anywhere between 24 and 48 hours for getting your payout withdrawal from the casino.

What is the minimum age to register at the online casino?

The general minimum age that players have to be to be eligible to play for real money is 18 and this may vary from one country to another.

What are the methods of making a deposit at the online casino?

There are several casinos accepting debit cards, credit cards, or even going for e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, EUTELLER, Skrill, and others for making a deposit at the online casino.

What is the maximum amount I can win at any game?

The games of most of the online casinos follow the RNG method of generating wins, and so it is purely unpredictable. While the wins can come at any time, the losses can also be there. Manage your bankroll well and win big.

What kind of personal information I have to give while registering?

You would require giving your personal details regarding your name, age, gender, email address, telephone number, and permanent address in full.

Can I play for free? Where and how can I do that?

Yes, you can play free. Search online for free to play casino games and just start by selecting the games to play right away.

Are there any withdrawal limits? If yes, then what are they?

Yes, there are withdrawal limits that every online casino has set for the players. There are daily, weekly and monthly withdrawal limits that the casinos set and players can find information about these from the TERMS and Conditions page.

How to identify a rogue casino?

The big problem is the presence of Rogue casino. You would get to know the names of these rogue casinos by searching for them online or reading reviews about them. If you still want a confirmation, then try checking out the list of the reputed casinos only listed in casino directories.

Does my country allow the online casino?

You can try searching local casinos or country-specific casinos online. After you get the list of casinos from the list, search and read their reviews before playing them just to be sure that they are legitimate in your country.

Who decides the average payout from the online casino? How much will the average payout percentage be?

Every casino decides its own payout percentage, and this could be around 95% and more. This percentage is not in any way related to the deposit amount. Rather it depends on the bets placed. So if a casino claims to offer a 96% payout, then it means it is holding back 4% of the bet amount for itself while handing over 96% as RTP to the players. This rate will be tested by organizations like e-COGRA or TST.

When can I contact other players?

You can get in touch with other players in multiplayer games or during tournaments of table games.

Will the games work on mobile phones?

While most of the games are compatible on all devices, including mobile phones, there are a few games that are not made on HTML5 platform. Hence, they would not work on mobile phones.

Will the games be compatible with Windows or MAC OS?

Yes, most of the popular software or game developers offer gaming titles that run on Windows and on MAC computers. Find out more about the specific OS from the game reviews too.

Are there online slot games available? How can I know about them?

Yes, there are hundreds of online slot games available online. Search for them on visiting any casino site. If you are a regular land –based casino player, you might even try out the slot games online by that same name to see if their online versions are available or not.

How much of Welcome bonuses can one get?

It is finest to look out for the online casinos that offer the best deals on Welcome bonuses on the first deposit. So if a casino offers a wide range of popular games and a big welcome bonus of over 200%, then go for it.

Are roulettes online as good in paying out as they are in land-based casinos? Can we predict the chances here?

Online roulettes offer 50-50 odds if you choose to bet on evens and are more or less same in payouts in the land-based casinos. This makes the game quite as volatile as possible.

How much can a betting software program help me to win at the roulette table?

Though there are software programs not even they can guarantee a successful outcome for every bet you place at the roulette online. Since the casinos use Random Number Generator system, there is actually no software to help you here.

How are the hands ranking in the online video poker?

The hand ranking in video poker is similar to the land-based poker.

Where do I get the software for playing the games?

Every online casino would have its own software to play the games. If needed you would be able to download the software from the casino you have entered.

How to get VIP membership at a casino?

If you are a regular player at an online casino, soon enough you would get the chance of becoming a VIP Membership. A few casinos might reward you Loyalty points for every day you log in and you can redeem those to earn VIP memberships at the casino.

Will the VIP membership be different from other casinos?

Yes, every casino’s VIP membership plan and levels will be distinct.

What are a few of the most popular license boards or authorities of casinos around the world?

There are the Government of UK, Gibraltar, Curacao, Malta, and Alderney among the most popular gambling license providers

What are the types of No-Deposit bonuses?

Typically, every player gets these gratis bonuses the first time he starts playing. These bonuses could include Bonus cash, cashback, free spins, and free play.

How will the customer care be of any help to me?

Usually, there is a 24-hour live chat service of customer support who shall help you at all times of the day. Besides this, there would also be customer care service via email, and telephone too to sort any dispute or give any clarification.

Are the casinos rigged?

Every casino has a system that calculates its advantage and has a system to get its House edge, but that does not mean the casino is cheating. This is the reason for online casinos to not specifically be rigged in the first place. However, there have been instances when the unscrupulous casino operators have rigged slot machines too.

How will I get the promotional bonuses?

While logging into the signed up account, most of the times, the players shall get PROMO Coupons or codes, which shall give them promotional bonuses. These bonuses are for returning to playing on every single day or weekly once. There are also promotional offers for events, and for days when the players might get to play longer or get better percentages on deposits and more. There are bonuses for those who aim to refer their friends or even participation in big tournaments.

What strategy can I use to win Progressive Jackpot?

Those who have been playing at online casinos would know that the Progressive jackpot games are the best of all since the thrill factor is highest here and the chances of losing it all or winning a big jackpot- everything happens here. Since the casinos employ Random Number, there is practically no strategy that would come in handy to win at Progressive Jackpot games.