Bingo Bonuses

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A bingo bonus is something that online bingo sites use to attract new players to their bingo site. Bonuses are often used in promotions and they give you as a player a lot of different advantages.

If you choose to get a bingo bonus then you will normally also receive a lot more money on your bingo account than you would otherwise have. There are different types of bingo bonuses and here we list them all.

Here at you find the latest, best and biggest bingo bonuses, we are listing all the top Bingo brands for all market, it´s no matter what country you come from, you will find a bingo bonus that suits you, and we update the bonus list regularly. You can also check out our sister pages that list bingo sites uk and Swedish bingo pages. When its pops up a new bingo site you will find its shortly on our site after the new bingo site have had their launch of their website. So to keep the track for the best bingo bonuses, check out regularly so you don´t miss a new good bingo room

Bingo Bonuses

Not many people know this, but online bingo is a highly competitive marketplace. With loads of websites online offering high quality bingo games, they compete with one another for customers. And what weapons are most used to attract players in online gambling warfare? That’s right – bonuses! Primarily means of marketing leverage, bingo bonuses have soon become common practice and bingo players expect to find them at their favourite bingo rooms online.

Nowadays, bingo bonuses are on offer and almost every bingo site. People see them as great ways to get more for their money. Some are more common, like the sign up bonus, and others are rarely offered, but they all make the online bingo experience all the more rewarding. In case you’re new to online bingo, here’s a quick overview of frequent bingo bonuses and some useful info on them. loves Bingo

Different Types of Bingo Bonuses and How They Work

You’ll never find just one type of bingo bonus at your preferred virtual bingo rooms; just like at casino websites, the operators try to offer diversity in bonuses while they are offering diversity in games. And who doesn’t like to have a choice, to pick and choose and experience more than just one opportunity to get something extra during play. There are multiple categories of bingo bonuses, and here are the top offers.

New Player Bonus (No-Deposit Bonus/Welcome Bonus)

Obviously, the new player bonus is a way of bringing new bingo players into the fold. These offers are designed to entice new subscribers to join and proceed to funding their accounts. The ‘new player bonus’ category can be divided into two sub-types: no-deposit bingo bonuses and welcome bonuses, also known as sign-up bonuses.

The no-deposit bonus is offered at a limited number of bingo rooms and it doesn’t require the player to find the account. The bonus is simply awarded to every new subscriber who’s just registered an account and provided basic contact information. The trick with the no-deposit welcome bonus is that the sum you can win is rather small, since you haven’t funded your account. However, it is free funds, and you aren’t yet risking your personal money by introducing it into play. Bingo players can enjoy the no-deposit bonus under specific conditions, as most bingo sites tend to limit the range of games you can play and also the number of bingo tickets you can by using bonus money. The basic premise of the no-deposit bonus is that the operator expects you to like what you get to play for free and you’ll stick around.

When it comes to the welcome bonus, players can claim it practically at every bingo site on the web. This one is given upon sign-up, as an incentive and reward to players who’ve shown interest in maintaining an active account for bingo gaming online. The first time you make a deposit, you’ll be able to make use of your welcome bonus. The more you deposit, the bigger the bonus gets. The welcome bonus is actually an awarded percentage of your deposit, and therefore the perfect opportunity to get more bang for your buck. Sign-up bonuses vary from one bingo site to the next; they usually range from 100% to 300% of the bonus matched. They always require a minimal deposit and always have a maximum amount predetermined by the casino. This means that you won’t get the bonus if you make a deposit that is smaller than the minimal amount required and that you won’t get more bonus money than what is set as the maximum, even if you deposit more than that. All these aspects are described in the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus, so every player ought to read them before making a payment and accepting the sign-up offer.

Reload Bingo Bonus

Similarly to the welcome bonus the reload bonus also matches the player’s deposit. However, the main difference between them is that the welcome bonus is given on the very first deposit, whereas reload bonuses can be given on any other deposit made during the player’s stay at a specific bingo website. Also, the percentage of the reload bonuses is often smaller than the one granted with the welcome bonus; generally, reload bonuses tend to be around 50%, but they can reach higher percentages as well. According to their frequency, reload bonuses can be daily, weekly or monthly bingo bonuses. They too come with certain wagering requirements which should be read beforehand.

Cashback Bingo Bonus

Cashback bonuses are a flexible type of an incentive. They can be applied on loses on any kind of gambling game, including bingo. Cashback bingo bonuses consist of a percentage of one’s loses on bingo games in a specific period of time and awards that percentage as a bonus. Usually, cashback offers revolve around 10%.

Referral (Refer a Friend) Bonus

The ‘refer a friend’ bonus is just as common as the cashback bonus and you can find it at generous bingo sites that maintain a policy of rewarding its customers for bringing in more users. Seen as an expression of loyalty, the act of recommending a specific bingo site to your friends and fellow gamblers is rewarded with either bonus funds you can use to buy more bingo tickets or with a set of loyalty points. Bonuses like this encourage referrals, and help with expanding the online bingo community.

Bingo Sites with Spin the Wheel Bonus Feature

Certain bingo websites have the entertaining Spin the Wheel bonus feature incorporated into their bonus program. In most cases, the Spin the Wheel bonus is a part of the welcome offer. Along with a welcome match deposit bonus, the player gets a free spin on the bingo wheel and a chance to win another bingo bonus. Some casinos will allow their customers to spin the bingo bonus wheel after every deposit, while other will save the wheel for their weekly promotional campaigns. Either way, the bingo wheel is an excellent feature that enriches the inline bingo experience.

Playing Bingo

Bingo has long been one of the most popular games and a popular leisure activity for people all around the world. In the beginning there was traditional bingo where you needed to go to a physical place to play bingo (if it was open) and now there is online bingo where you can play when it suits you the best 24/7. Some prefer the former and some the later but there is one thing that most players can agree on – the importance of a really good bonus!

Bingo is a game of chance where some numbers are drawn randomly and the players mark the numbers on preprinted game boards (usually 5×5 cards in the US and 9×3 in countries like UK).

The first person who has a game board with the correct pattern calls out ”Bingo!” so that the game host or one of the assistants are alerted and can come to verify that the card has been filled correctly.

You can win the game in several different ways, but in regular bingo it’s usually by filling all numbers in a row, diagonal or in a column.
So it takes at least five numbers and some luck to get b-i-n-g-o.

Today there are two popular main forms of bingo, 75-ball and 90-ball games. US often plays 75-ball (5×5 card) while UK play 90-ball (9×3 card).

Since bingo was invented 1929, it has also been evolving into a multitude of variations and derivatives with different rules and ways to play the game like Shotgun bingo, U-Pick’Em bingo, Death bingo, Bonanza bingo, Lingo, Keno and more, all with its own ways of winning the game.

Some have intricate patterns and some even demands that the whole board is filled while there are some games that on the other hand give prizes for NOT filling any pattern or NOT getting any number right.

It is therefore important that players read the terms and conditions and try to learn the rules of the bingo games before trying them out.


Online Bingo

On the mention of the word ‘bingo’ people immediately think about bingo halls, charming hosts and balls with numbers stuck inside a bingo machine. Little do they know that bingo can also be played online, at all major web casinos since they usually have a separate bingo room and offer various types of online bingo. Even the medium sized and small casinos tend to throw in a bingo game here and there for diversity and all the bingo fans in the virtual world. Online bingo has dismissed some aspects of the game and introduced new ones, but it has retained its basics and all the familiar
attractive features.

How to Play Bingo Online

It’s important to know that one doesn’t need to acquire a special set of skills in order to play online bingo. The principle stays the same as with land-based bingo halls. The difference lies in the daubing process – with land-based bingo there is a person picking numbers out of a bingo machine and the player gets to mark the cards, whereas in online bingo the games uses a random number generator and the system automatically dabs your tickets. Certain software will allow you to mark off your cards yourself, but in most cases it is done via ‘auto dab’.

To play bingo online one needs to find a bingo site or a casino site with a bingo section, register an account and make a deposit. Naturally, the next step is to pick a bingo game out of the ones available. At certain websites you’ll be able to choose among various bingo rooms, various games and various stakes, so it’s only a matter of your personal preference and the size of your budget, Buy a ticket or multiple tickets and wait for the game to start. You can make use of certain features such as chat windows, and enjoy ‘best card sorting’ for enhanced game flow.


Auto-daub or ”Catch-up” is used on online bingo and means that numbers are automatically crossed / marked for you. In other words, to make things simpler players do not need to mark the numbers drawn on the bingo card.


Some online bingo games can have Auto-purchase which means that bingo cards are purchased automatically for each new session.

”Best Card Highlighting” and ”Best card sorting”

”Best Card Highlighting” and ”Best card sorting” are functions that some online bingo games have and that can make playing the game simpler by sorting and highlighting the bingo cards that are closest to bingo!

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Online Bingo Game Varieties

There are more faces to bingo than you might think. These are the main types of bingo you’ll find online:

90 Ball Bingo

A standard 90 ball bingo ticket contains 27 squares organised into 3 rows and 9 columns; it has 15 numbers total, 5 per row. Players are allowed to purchase up to 6 cards per game and can receive payouts for wins on one line, two lines or three lines, which is the fullhouse payout. 90 ball bingo is known as a slow paced variation of the game, as opposed to 30 ball bingo which is also known as ‘speed’ bingo.

80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo is played with tickets containing 16 numbers arranged in a square. Here, the player has 4 different game options: single line, any line + house, any line + column + house and the fullhouse/pattern.

75 Ball Bingo

In a game of 75 ball bingo there are 24 numbers on a card; they are laid out in a square and the middle position is deemed the free square (a star). The player is allowed to purchase up to 6 strips of cards per round where one strip has 3 tickets. Prizes are awarded for completing lines or patterns on the ticket.

Other entertaining bingo variations on the web include Joker Jackpot Bingo, 30 Ball (Speed) Bingo and 5-Line (Swedish) Bingo.

Online Bingo Games

At we love Bingo Games and try to play test and review as many as possible. With so many good choices of different online bingo games it can be hard to make an informed decision on what bingo game to choose. Some games are more fun then others, have more features, better gameplay and some have better bingo bonuses and payouts.