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Rise of the Genie



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Jul 06, 2022



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Rise of the Genie Summary

Rise of the Genie is an enchanting new slot game from iSoftBet, released on July 06, 2022. The game’s unique theme revolves around a mischievous Genie who can steal your winnings, adding an exciting twist to the gameplay. The standout features include the Wild Symbol, Prize Ladders, Cash Pot, Instant Pays, and the Evil Genie.

The game is played on a 3×3 grid with 5 paylines, offering a medium volatility experience. The RTP stands at 96.46% for players who never collect their money from the ladders and 95.08% if the wins are always collected. The minimum bet starts at €0.2, while the maximum bet is capped at €20. With a hit frequency of 24.8%, players can expect a win approximately every fourth spin. The maximum win potential is 500x the bet, providing a decent payout opportunity.

Rise of the Genie Gameplay

Rise of the Genie is a 3×3 grid slot game developed by iSoftBet, featuring 5 paylines. The betting range varies from a minimum bet of €0.2 to a maximum bet of €20. The game offers a medium volatility level and an RTP of 96.46%. The maximum win is capped at 500x the bet.

The visual style of Rise of the Genie is unique, with a glimmering golden frame for the grid set against the backdrop of an ancient desert town, presumably in Egypt. The game’s layout is distinctive, with the 3×3 grid placed to the left of the screen and three prize ladders to the right, each displaying different payout amounts.

The game features three different symbols in three different colors. To achieve a win, players must land 2 or 3 of the same symbols with the same color on any of the 5 paylines. The paylines run horizontally from left to right and diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right and vice versa. Every win on any of the three prize ladders is added together in a cash pot that the player can choose to collect at any time.

The three ladders offer different payouts, with the left one paying up to 50x the bet, the right one up to 120x the bet, and the middle one up to 500x the bet. The symbols include a flower (low-paying), a book (medium-paying), and the Genie’s lamp (high-paying), each coming in green, blue, or red colors. The wild symbol can land on the middle reel to enhance the winning potential.

The game’s mechanics, combined with its unique visual style, create an engaging and suspenseful player experience, especially with the gamified win ladders and the risk-reward dynamic of collecting the cash pot or continuing to climb the ladders.

Rise of the Genie Features

Rise of the Genie features several special elements that enhance gameplay. These include:

Wild Symbol

Represented by a purple and golden icon, the Wild Symbol substitutes all other symbols and can only appear on the second reel, increasing the chances of forming winning combinations.

Prize Ladders

The left and right ladders have 8 steps, while the middle one has 12. Each step on the ladder corresponds to a specific payout, with the maximum win on each ladder being 50x, 120x, and 500x the bet on the left, right, and middle ladders, respectively. These wins can be obtained during the Instant Pays feature.

Cash Pot

The Cash Pot, displayed below the ladders, is the total value of all three ladders. The money in the pot belongs to the player, but it’s not safe until the collect button next to the Cash Pot is pressed. Collecting the Cash Pot resets all ladders, and the climb starts again from the bottom.

Instant Pays

The Instant Pays feature is activated when a player reaches the top of any ladder. The prize is displayed in the Instant Pay panel, and the player must collect it before spinning again. If the player collects the Cash Pot simultaneously, all ladders are reset. If only the Instant Pays are collected, the ladder remains at the top, offering the chance to land a new Instant Pays prize.

Evil Genie

The Evil Genie can trigger randomly on any spin, stealing all the money in the Cash Pot and forcing the player to start over on the Prize Ladders. This feature adds an element of risk and excitement to the game.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering various ways to win and introducing an element of strategy. Players must decide when to collect their Cash Pot and when to risk climbing higher on the ladders for potentially larger rewards.

Rise of the Genie Conclusion

Rise of the Genie, developed by iSoftBet, captivates players with its unique gameplay and mystical theme. The game’s standout feature, the Prize Ladders, provides an engaging experience as you strive to collect wins while avoiding the evil Genie. The medium volatility, coupled with an RTP of 96.46% and a maximum win of 500x, makes it an enticing choice for various play styles.

Personally, I’ve found Rise of the Genie to offer a thrilling and distinctive experience compared to other slots in the genre. The tension created by the possibility of the evil Genie stealing your accumulated wins adds an extra layer of excitement and strategic depth. However, it’s important to note that the RTP drops to 95.08% if wins are always collected, which could impact your long-term play.

In conclusion, Rise of the Genie is a must-try for anyone looking for a fresh take on online slots. The game’s unique selling points, such as the Prize Ladders and the ever-present threat of the Genie, create a compelling and engaging experience. I highly encourage you to explore this mystical world for yourself and see if you can outwit the Genie to claim your riches.

Frequently asked questions about Rise of the Genie

Who is the game provider for Rise of the Genie?

Rise of the Genie was developed by iSoftBet

When was Rise of the Genie released?

Rise of the Genie was released in Jul 06, 2022

What is the maximum amount you can win on Rise of the Genie?

The max win on Rise of the Genie is 500x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Rise of the Genie?

The max bet is €20, this can vary on different casinos

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