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Pearl Harbor


Nolimit City

Release Date:

Dec 07, 2022



Max Win:




Min Bet:


Max Bet:


Gameplay information







Hit Frequency:


Max Win Probability:

1 in 150M spins

Bonus Round Frequency:

1 in 229 spins

Pearl Harbor Summary

Pearl Harbor is a high-volatility online slot game developed by Nolimit City, released on December 7, 2022. The game transports players back to the historic World War II event at Pearl Harbor, offering a unique and immersive theme. Standout features include a varying reel grid of 3-7 reels and 3-7 rows, cluster payouts, and an impressive maximum win of 41127x the bet. With a hit frequency of 19.41% and an RTP of 96.06%, the game also boasts a wide range of betting options (€0.2 to €200) and various exciting features such as xBomb Wild Multipliers, xSplit, and Colossal Symbols. The bonus rounds, Dogfight and Tora! Tora! Tora!, add depth to gameplay, and the Bonus Buy option allows players to jump right into the action.

Pearl Harbor Gameplay

Pearl Harbor is a 7-reel slot game with a varying number of rows, ranging from 3 to 7. The game features 5 paylines and utilizes the cluster pays mechanic, where winning combinations are formed by landing 5 or more of the same symbol type on adjacent positions, triggering the avalanche feature. The betting range spans from a minimum of €0.2 to a maximum of €200, accommodating a wide spectrum of players.

Visually, the game immerses players in the historic battle of Pearl Harbor, with the reel setup designed to resemble a cockpit. The game’s dynamic layout allows for the active positions to expand from 3X3 to 7X7 during spins. The symbols include 10, J, Q, K, and A as lower-paying symbols, and characters with background colors of green, blue, orange, and yellow as higher-paying symbols. The Japanese flag serves as the scatter symbol, the two samurai swords as the xSplit symbol, the target as the wild symbol, and the black bomb as the xBomb symbol.

The game’s visual style and thematic elements work together to create an engaging and immersive player experience, transporting players to the heart of the historic battle. The unique reel setup and symbol design contribute to the game’s overall appeal and enhance the gameplay experience.

Pearl Harbor Features

Pearl Harbor is packed with a variety of special features that enhance its gameplay and appeal. These include:

  • Cluster Payout Reel Area: The game starts with a 3×3 grid, which can expand up to 7×7 through the xSize mechanic. Winning symbols disappear and new ones fall into their places, creating a cascading effect.
  • Scatters: Scatter symbols can appear on any reel and only count if they land in the active reel area. They can also become multipliers when split, adding to the first bonus multiplier.
  • xBet: This feature allows you to increase your bet size by 50% or 100% to increase your chances of activating bonus modes. The xBet does not affect the symbol payout.
  • Wild Symbol: The wild symbol substitutes for other paying symbols, helping to create more winning combinations.
  • xBomb Wild Multiplier: This symbol can blow away up to 10 symbols and expand the active area. It can also receive a 2x multiplier for the next avalanche.
  • Target: When a target symbol lands, it expands the active reel area and turns into a wild symbol.
  • xSplit: This symbol splits all symbols in the direction of its swords. It can have 1 or 2 swords, which can be either vertical or horizontal.
  • Colossal Symbol: You can randomly land colossal multipliers of sizes 2×2 or 3×3. These symbols can have a multiplier of either 2x or 3x.
  • Bonus Mode: Dogfight: Landing 3 scatter symbols activates this mode, awarding you with 3 spins. Multipliers that land are active until they are applied to the round multiplier.
  • Bonus Mode: Tora! Tora! Tora!: This mode is activated by landing 4 scatter symbols. It is similar to the Dogfight mode but with the additions of Midway Pop and Bomb Drop.
  • Mission Accomplished!: If you achieve the maximum win of 41127x, the winning screen will appear with the text “Mission Accomplished”.
  • Bonus Buy: You can choose between 3 different bonus buy features: Dogfight, Lucky Draw, and Tora! Tora! Tora! These cost between 60x to 712x the bet.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering diverse gameplay mechanics and opportunities for big wins. Players might use strategies such as activating the xBet feature to increase their chances of triggering bonus modes, or using the Bonus Buy feature to directly access these modes.

Pearl Harbor Conclusion

Pearl Harbor is a captivating slot game from Nolimit City that transports players back to the historic events of 1941. The game’s unique selling points include its immersive theme, dynamic 3-7 reel and row setup, and an impressive maximum win of 41127x the bet. The high volatility and 96.06% RTP offer an exciting and potentially rewarding gaming experience.

In my personal opinion, Pearl Harbor stands out in the crowded slot game market. The engaging war-themed graphics and sound effects create a unique atmosphere that sets it apart from others. The gameplay is thrilling, with a variety of features such as Cluster Payout Reel Area, xBomb Wild Multiplier, and xSplit keeping each spin interesting. Compared to other slots, Pearl Harbor offers a more immersive and engaging experience.

I encourage all slot game enthusiasts to try Pearl Harbor for themselves. The game offers a fresh and exciting take on the slot game genre, and the potential for huge wins is a definite draw. As a seasoned reviewer, I confidently recommend Pearl Harbor as a must-play game for anyone seeking a thrilling and potentially rewarding slot experience.

Frequently asked questions about Pearl Harbor

Who is the game provider for Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was developed by Nolimit City

When was Pearl Harbor released?

Pearl Harbor was released in Dec 07, 2022

What is the maximum amount you can win on Pearl Harbor?

The max win on Pearl Harbor is 41127x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Pearl Harbor?

The max bet is €200, this can vary on different casinos

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