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Money Jar 2



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Aug 08, 2023



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Money Jar 2 Summary

Money Jar 2, developed by Slotmill, is a delightful sequel to the popular Money Jar slot. This game invites you on a joyous journey aboard a ship, filled with festive moments. The slot retains its classic-comic theme inspired by Betty Boop, offering a visually appealing and nostalgic gaming experience. It comes with 6 reels, 5 rows, and an impressive 15625 paylines. The betting range is flexible, starting from a minimum bet of €0.2 to a maximum bet of €40.

Money Jar 2 boasts a high volatility rate and a lower-than-average RTP of 95.8%. However, the max win potential is a staggering 25000x your bet. The game is packed with exciting features such as Win Respin, Wild Symbol, Power Up Symbols, Extra Chance, Money Jar Bonus Game, Coin Bonus Game, Countdown Wild Bonus Game, Burst Mode, and Bonus Buy, promising an engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

Money Jar 2 Gameplay

Money Jar 2 is a 6-reel, 5-row slot game with 15625 paylines, developed by Slotmill. The betting range extends from a minimum bet of €0.2 to a maximum bet of €40. The game boasts a high volatility and an RTP of 95.8, with a maximum win potential of 25000x the bet.

The game’s visual style is inspired by Betty Boop, featuring a boat setting with smiling money jars. The backdrop showcases a captain smoking a pipe and a gramophone playing sweet tunes. The game is playable across various devices, including notepads, desktops, and mobiles.

The lower-paying symbols are J, Q, K, and A, with a win of 6 of the same symbol type paying between 0.4X to 0.5X the bet. The medium-paying symbols are chips in green, blue, red, and purple, offering a win of 0.6X to 0.7X the bet for 6 of the same symbol type. The higher-paying symbols are characters with frames in green, blue, red, and purple, providing a win of 1.5X to 3.5X the bet for 6 of the same symbol type.

The golden W serves as the game’s wild symbol, while the smiling jar represents the scatter symbol. During the spins, special power-up symbols can appear, introducing additional symbols in the bonus game.

Money Jar 2 Features

Money Jar 2 is packed with a variety of special features that enhance its appeal and gameplay. These include:

  • Win Respin: Upon creating a win, the symbols involved in the win pay out and then respin. New wins can be formed during this respin, and as long as new wins are created, respins continue.
  • Wild Symbol: The wild symbol aids in forming more winning combinations by substituting for other paying symbols. Each wild symbol has a number attached, indicating how many wins it can participate in. This value decreases by 1 with each win.
  • Power Up Symbols: These symbols can randomly appear during spins and offer different benefits such as turning into a countdown wild, adding to the count of all wild symbols, or transforming into a mystery symbol that reveals a randomly selected symbol type.
  • Extra Chance: This feature triggers if you land 2 scatter symbols and no more wins are created. Symbols adjacent to the scatter symbols respin, with only coin or scatter symbols landing during this respin.
  • Money Jar Bonus Game: Landing 3 scatter symbols activates this bonus game, allowing you to choose between the Coin Bonus Game or the Countdown Wild Bonus Game. You start with 6 lives and continue spinning as long as you have lives left.
  • Burst Mode: This mode allows you to speed up your spins, displaying only the win sizes. If you activate a bonus game during Burst Mode, you can opt to play it at normal speed.
  • Bonus Buy: If you wish to access the features immediately, you can use the bonus buy option. Five different options are available, each with a different RTP and guaranteed feature.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering various ways to win and keeping the gameplay engaging. Players might consider different strategies, such as utilizing the Bonus Buy feature to access specific bonuses or focusing on power up symbols to enhance their wins.

Money Jar 2 Conclusion

Money Jar 2, developed by Slotmill, is a charming sequel that retains the lovable features of its predecessor while enhancing the gaming experience. The game’s unique selling points include its nostalgic design inspired by Betty Boop, a creative mix of features, and impressive stats.

The slot offers a lower-than-average RTP of 95.80%, high volatility, and a maximum win of 25000x the bet, making it an exciting choice for those who enjoy high-risk, high-reward gameplay. The 6-reel, 5-row setup with 15625 ways to win provides ample opportunities for big wins.

In my opinion, Money Jar 2 stands out in the genre with its distinctive design and engaging features such as Win Respin, Wild Symbol, Power Up Symbols, Extra Chance, Money Jar Bonus Game, Coin Bonus Game, Countdown Wild Bonus Game, Burst Mode, and Bonus Buy. The game is not just visually appealing but also offers a thrilling gaming experience.

I encourage you to explore Money Jar 2 for yourself. The game’s unique blend of features, design, and potential for high wins makes it a must-try for online slot enthusiasts.

Frequently asked questions about Money Jar 2

Who is the game provider for Money Jar 2?

Money Jar 2 was developed by Slotmill

When was Money Jar 2 released?

Money Jar 2 was released in Aug 08, 2023

What is the maximum amount you can win on Money Jar 2?

The max win on Money Jar 2 is 25000x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Money Jar 2?

The max bet is €40, this can vary on different casinos

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