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Mighty Eagle Extreme


Raw iGaming

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Jan 25, 2024



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Mighty Eagle Extreme Summary

“Mighty Eagle Extreme” is a high-flying casino slot developed by Raw iGaming, released on January 25, 2024. The game transports players to a vast canyon, soaring through the skies in pursuit of a majestic eagle. The slot features a 5×5 grid that can expand up to 5×20, offering 3125 paylines. The game’s standout features include Scatter Symbols, Mystery Symbols, SuperSymbols, Mighty Eagle Respins, Free Spins, and Bonus Rush. With a minimum bet of €0.1 and a maximum bet of €200, players can aim for a maximum win of 10000x their bet. However, the game’s high volatility and an RTP of 95.57% mean that players must be prepared for a thrilling and potentially rewarding journey.

Mighty Eagle Extreme Gameplay

Mighty Eagle Extreme is a 5-reel slot game with a variable number of rows, ranging from 5 to 20. The game offers a generous 3125 paylines for players to bet on, with a betting range starting from a minimum of €0.1 to a maximum of €200. This high volatility game has an RTP of 95.57% and the potential for a maximum win of 10000x the original bet.

Visually, Mighty Eagle Extreme presents a majestic setting within a mighty canyon, adorned with bright lights and towering mountains. The game’s sharp graphics and vibrant colors create an engaging atmosphere for players. The layout is compatible with all common mobile devices and desktops.

In terms of symbols, the lower-paying ones are represented by Q, K, A, and wolves, each offering 0.05x-0.2x the bet when part of a winning SuperSymbol. On the other hand, the higher-paying symbols include bears, bison, and eagles, each paying 0.3x-0.75x the bet when part of a winning SuperSymbol. Clusters of 2×2+ matching symbols create a winning combination.

The game also includes Multipliers, which all reveal the same matching symbol, as well as Scatter symbols that can trigger Free Spins. Additionally, an eagle can fly in and drop Multipliers on symbols, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Mighty Eagle Extreme Features

Mighty Eagle Extreme is packed with exciting features that enhance the gameplay experience. These include Scatter Symbol, Mystery Symbol, SuperSymbols, Mighty Eagle Respins, Free Spins, and Bonus Rush.

The Scatter Symbol is a key feature, with a 2×2+ Cluster triggering the Free Spins feature. The number of Free Spins awarded is equivalent to 2x the number of Scatter symbols in the cluster.

The Mystery Symbol adds an element of surprise, with up to 6 Mystery Symbols landing and revealing the same symbol underneath.

SuperSymbols are a unique gameplay mechanic, where a cluster of at least 2×2 of the same symbol type forms a single SuperSymbol. This SuperSymbol can expand along its entire side if additional symbols of the same type are immediately adjacent.

The Mighty Eagle Respins feature can randomly grant a re-spin and possible multipliers of up to 6x, enhancing the potential for bigger wins.

During Free Spins, Multiplier symbols can land, and if they land adjacent to a SuperSymbol, the SuperSymbol absorbs the multiplier value. If more than two multiplier symbols interact, they multiply each other, creating a potential for massive wins.

The Bonus Rush feature allows players to jump straight into action by buying the Free Spins feature at a cost of 120x the bet.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering various ways to win and keeping the gameplay exciting and engaging. Strategies players might use include waiting for the Scatter Symbol to trigger Free Spins, taking advantage of the Mighty Eagle Respins, and using the Bonus Rush feature to jump straight into the action.

Mighty Eagle Extreme Conclusion

Mighty Eagle Extreme, developed by Raw iGaming, takes you on a thrilling journey to a vast canyon, soaring through the skies in search of a powerful eagle. This game stands out with its SuperSymbols mechanic, offering an engaging experience by filling the grid with colossal symbols and immense potential.

The unique selling points of this slot include its impressive 3125 payways, high volatility, and a substantial max win of 10000x the bet. The various features, such as Mystery Symbol, Mighty Eagle Respins, Free Spins, and Bonus Rush, enhance the gameplay and keep you on the edge of your seat.

In my opinion, Mighty Eagle Extreme offers excellent quality and enjoyment. The game’s immersive theme, combined with its innovative mechanics, sets it apart from other slots in the genre. The potential for substantial wins adds a layer of excitement that keeps players engaged.

I strongly encourage you to explore Mighty Eagle Extreme for yourself. This game offers a thrilling and potentially rewarding experience that is not to be missed. Soar to new heights with the mighty eagle and discover what this exceptional slot has in store for you.

Frequently asked questions about Mighty Eagle Extreme

Who is the game provider for Mighty Eagle Extreme?

Mighty Eagle Extreme was developed by Raw iGaming

When was Mighty Eagle Extreme released?

Mighty Eagle Extreme was released in Jan 25, 2024

What is the maximum amount you can win on Mighty Eagle Extreme?

The max win on Mighty Eagle Extreme is 10000x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Mighty Eagle Extreme?

The max bet is €200, this can vary on different casinos

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