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Mega Don


Play'n GO

Release Date:

Jul 28, 2022



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Max Win Probability:

1 in 384196 rounds

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Mega Don Summary

Plunge into the depths of the ocean with Mega Don, the thrilling new slot from Play’n GO. Released on July 28, 2022, this game takes you on an underwater adventure where the mighty great white shark, the Mega Don, reigns supreme. Inspired by the extinct species Megalodon, this slot offers a high-volatility gaming experience with the potential for colossal wins of up to 10000x your bet.

Featuring 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 ways to win, Mega Don offers a betting range from a minimum of €0.1 to a maximum of €100. With an RTP of 96.2%, the game comes packed with exciting features including the Upgrading Symbol, Wild Symbol, and Shark Feast to keep you entertained and increase your winning chances.

Mega Don Gameplay

Mega Don is a 5-reel, 4-row slot game with 1024 paylines, developed by Play’n GO. The betting range varies from a minimum of €0.1 to a maximum of €100, making it suitable for all types of players. The game has high volatility and an RTP of 96.2%.

The visual style of Mega Don is based on a shark theme, with the reels set against the backdrop of the deep blue sea. The game’s layout is vibrant and engaging, with a variety of colorful fish and shark symbols appearing on the reels during spins. The lower-paying symbols are fish in various colors – purple, blue, green, and yellow. Landing 5 of the same symbol type pays between 0.4X to 0.6X the bet. The medium-paying symbols are fish in blue and turquoise, paying 1X the bet for 5 of the same symbol type. The highest-paying symbols are sharks in brown, green, and blue, with landing 5 of the same symbol type paying between 2X to 4X the bet.

The wild symbol in Mega Don is represented by shark teeth surrounding the word ‘wild’, while the scatter symbol is a warning sign with an eating shark on it. The game’s design and symbols enhance the player’s experience by immersing them in an underwater world filled with thrilling action and potential for big wins.

Mega Don Features

Mega Don offers several captivating special features that enhance the gaming experience. These include the Upgrading Symbol, Wild Symbol, and Shark Feast.

The Upgrading Symbol feature allows up to 3 small fish symbols to be randomly chosen to transform into upgrading symbols. These symbols then morph into one of the high-paying shark symbols. Only the small fish symbols can be upgraded, adding an element of surprise and anticipation.

The Wild Symbol is a staple in many slots, and Mega Don is no exception. This symbol aids in creating more winning combinations by substituting for other paying symbols, with the exception of the scatter symbols.

The Shark Feast feature is triggered by landing 3 or more scatter symbols. The number of scatter symbols landed determines the amount of free spins and upgrading symbols active during the entire bonus game. For instance, 3 scatter symbols award 6 free spins and 1 upgrading symbol, while 5 scatter symbols grant 12 free spins and 3 upgrading symbols.

During the bonus game, landing 3 or more scatter symbols retriggers extra free spins. This can result in 3 extra free spins and 1 extra upgrading symbol for 3 scatter symbols, or 9 extra free spins and 3 extra upgrading symbols for 5 scatter symbols.

These features contribute to Mega Don’s appeal by offering dynamic gameplay and opportunities for strategic play. Players might focus on landing scatter symbols to activate the Shark Feast feature and accumulate free spins and upgrading symbols.

Mega Don Conclusion

Mega Don is a thrilling addition to the Play’n GO slot collection, transporting players to the depths of the ocean where the mighty Mega Don rules. The unique selling points of this game include its high volatility, a massive max win of 10000x, and engaging features such as Upgrading Symbol, Wild Symbol, and Shark Feast.

In my opinion, Mega Don offers an exceptional gaming experience that sets it apart from other slots in the genre. The captivating underwater theme, coupled with the potential for huge wins, makes for an enjoyable and suspenseful gameplay. The variety of RTP options caters to different playing styles and adds an extra layer of flexibility.

I encourage all slot enthusiasts to give Mega Don a spin; it’s not every day you get to plunge into the depths of the ocean and encounter the mighty Mega Don. The high volatility brings an exhilarating edge, and the generous max win potential will leave you on the edge of your seat. Take the plunge and see if you can tame the mighty Mega Don!

Frequently asked questions about Mega Don

Who is the game provider for Mega Don?

Mega Don was developed by Play'n GO

When was Mega Don released?

Mega Don was released in Jul 28, 2022

What is the maximum amount you can win on Mega Don?

The max win on Mega Don is 10000x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Mega Don?

The max bet is €100, this can vary on different casinos

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