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Lure of Fortune


Relax Gaming

Release Date:

Nov 07, 2023



Max Win:

5000x(M), 20,000x(H), 50,000x(EH)



Min Bet:


Max Bet:


Gameplay information







Hit Frequency:

24.76% (M), 22.14%(H), 20.66% (EH)

Max Win Probability:

5000X (1 in 2M spins), 20000X (1 in 13M spins), 50000X (1 in 22M spins)

Bonus Round Frequency:

1 in 132 spins (M), 1 in 224 spins (H), 1 in 332 spins (EH)

Lure of Fortune Summary

“Lure of Fortune” is an exciting new online slot game developed by Relax Gaming, set to be released on November 7, 2023. The game’s theme revolves around a captain’s thrilling journey to catch big fish, with the slot itself packed with an array of features to aid in the quest for the maximum win of up to 50,000x your bet. The game offers three win sizes, allowing players to choose the level of risk they’re comfortable with during the bonus game activation.

This high volatility slot comes with a default RTP of 96.1% and a hit frequency ranging from 24.76% to 20.66%, depending on the chosen mode. It features 5 reels and 5 rows with a cluster pays mechanic, where a win is formed by 4 or more of the same symbol type. The minimum bet starts at €0.1, while the maximum bet goes up to €20. The slot is packed with engaging features such as Cascade, Multiplier Upgrade, Bonus Game, Pick Mode, and Bonus Buy to enhance the gaming experience.

Lure of Fortune Gameplay

Lure of Fortune is a 5-reel, 5-row online slot game developed by Relax Gaming. It offers 4 paylines with a betting range starting from a minimum bet of €0.1 to a maximum bet of €20. The game mechanics include a cluster pay system, where a win is formed by landing 4 or more of the same symbol type in a cluster, triggering the cascade feature.

Visually, Lure of Fortune boasts a fishing theme, with the reels set against a harbor backdrop filled with various fishing-related objects hanging on wooden walls. The game is playable across all devices, including notepads, desktops, and mobiles.

The symbols in the game are beautifully designed to enhance the player’s experience. Lower-paying symbols are represented by shells in different colors such as blue, green, yellow, and pink. A winning cluster of 25 identical symbols pays 11 times the bet.

Medium-paying symbols include the captain’s friend’s worm (blue), electric eel (green), fish (pink), and octopus (red). Landing a cluster of 25 of these symbols pays 22 times the bet. The highest-paying symbol is the captain himself, with 25 of his symbols paying 30 times the bet.

During the bonus game, special symbols like the hammer, fish, payer, doubler, spawner, golden hammer, and persistent symbols can appear. The golden shell with a big white pearl serves as the scatter symbol.

Lure of Fortune Features

Lure of Fortune offers several exciting features that enhance the gaming experience.


The Cascade feature is triggered when a winning cluster is formed. All symbols part of the win disappear, and new symbols fall down to cover the empty positions. This continues as long as new wins are created.

Multiplier Upgrade

Each symbol type has a multiplier that starts at 1X and doubles every time that specific symbol type is included in a win. The highest potential multiplier a symbol type can have depends on the mode: 32X for Medium, 64X for High, and 128X for Extremely High. The multipliers reset when no more wins are created.

Bonus Game

Landing 3 scatter symbols activates the Bonus Game feature. You start with 3 respins, and landing 1 symbol anywhere on the reels 1 to 6 resets the respins to 3. Various additional symbols can be landed during the spins, each with different functions.

Pick Mode

You can choose between 3 different game modes: Medium, High, and Extremely High volatility. Each mode offers different conditions, including maximum base game multipliers and max win potential.

Bonus Buy

The Bonus Buy option allows you to directly participate in the bonus game. You can choose between three options: 50X for Medium mode, 100X for High mode, and 150X for Extremely High mode, each with different max win potential.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering a variety of ways to win and increasing the excitement level. Players might use strategies such as choosing a higher volatility mode for higher potential wins, or using the Bonus Buy option to directly access the bonus game.

Lure of Fortune Conclusion

Lure of Fortune is an enticing addition to the online slot world, offering a unique fishing-themed experience with a host of exciting features. The game’s standout feature is the ability to choose your risk level, directly impacting the potential rewards. This innovative approach to gameplay, combined with impressive maximum win potential, makes Lure of Fortune a compelling choice for both casual players and high rollers.

In my opinion, Lure of Fortune offers a top-tier gaming experience. The game’s high volatility, coupled with its impressive max win potential, creates an exhilarating atmosphere that keeps players on the edge of their seats. The unique features, such as the Persistent Hammer Octopus and Persistent Spawner Fish, add an extra layer of depth to the gameplay, making it stand out from the crowd. Compared to other slots in the genre, Lure of Fortune offers a more engaging and rewarding experience.

I strongly encourage all slot enthusiasts to give Lure of Fortune a try. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, high win potential, and immersive theme, it’s a game that’s sure to provide hours of entertainment. So, grab your fishing gear and join the captain on his quest for the big catch. You won’t be disappointed!

Frequently asked questions about Lure of Fortune

Who is the game provider for Lure of Fortune?

Lure of Fortune was developed by Relax Gaming

When was Lure of Fortune released?

Lure of Fortune was released in Nov 07, 2023

What is the maximum amount you can win on Lure of Fortune?

The max win on Lure of Fortune is 5000x(M), 20,000x(H), 50,000x(EH) your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Lure of Fortune?

The max bet is €20, this can vary on different casinos

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