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Lights, Camera, Cash!



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Nov 02, 2023



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Lights, Camera, Cash! Summary

“Lights, Camera, Cash!” is a thrilling, high-volatility slot game developed by NetEnt, set to release on November 2, 2023. The game takes you to a vibrant game show studio, complete with entertaining music, creating an immersive gaming experience. Unlike traditional slot games, “Lights, Camera, Cash!” uses numbers instead of classic symbols, offering a unique twist to the genre.

The game features 3 reels and 3 rows with 3 paylines, but only the middle one is active initially. The standout features include a respin that triggers with every win, and the xReel feature that can multiply your win up to 50 times, adding an exciting layer to the gameplay. With a minimum bet of €0.1 and a maximum bet of €1, the game offers a high maximum win of 25,000 times your bet. The RTP of the game is 96.12%, ensuring a fair gaming experience.

Lights, Camera, Cash! Gameplay

Lights, Camera, Cash! is a 3-reel, 3-row slot game with 3 paylines, developed by NetEnt. The betting range starts from a minimum of €0.1 to a maximum of €1. This high volatility game offers a maximum win of 25,000x your bet and has an RTP of 96.12%.

The game’s visual style is reminiscent of a classic game show, with the reels set on a round stage surrounded by piles of cash and yellow light bulbs covering the stage floor. The game’s logo sits on top of the reels, adding to the overall game show theme.

The symbols in Lights, Camera, Cash! include Diamonds, Numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 5, and 10), and xReel Scatters. Diamonds are blanks and don’t contribute to any wins. Numbers are the main symbols, with Number 10 appearing only on the first reel and 00 only on the last reel. Landing several numbers on the same payline links them together, creating larger wins. Different payline numbers are added together, offering the potential for bigger payouts.

The game’s mechanics are straightforward, with only the middle payline being active at the start of a spin. Winning combinations are formed by landing any number on an active payline, except for 0, which doesn’t pay unless another number is present. The game is available on mobile phones and other devices, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Lights, Camera, Cash! Features

Lights, Camera, Cash! offers two exciting features: Respin and xReel.

The Respin feature activates when you land winning symbols on the first payline, which runs in the middle of the screen on the grid’s second row. After the win is paid, a respin occurs, opening the second payline on the grid’s top row, allowing you to land winning symbols on 6 positions instead of the initial 3. A second respin will open the third payline on the bottom row, further increasing your chances of landing a winning combination.

The Respin feature concludes if no winning symbols are landed or after two consecutive respins.

The xReel feature is triggered when an xReel Scatter Symbol appears on a winning spin. The Scatter Symbol does not need to be on an active payline, but the winning symbols always need to be. This feature randomly awards a multiplier of 2X, 3X, 5X, 10X, 20X, or 50X, which is applied to the total win on the current spin or respin. Only one Scatter Symbol can land during a spin/respin.

These features add an extra layer of excitement to the game while increasing the potential for higher winnings. Players might use strategies like adjusting their bet size or waiting for the xReel feature to trigger before increasing their bets. However, due to the high volatility of the slot, it is essential to manage your bankroll carefully.

Lights, Camera, Cash! Conclusion

“Lights, Camera, Cash!” is a unique and engaging slot game from NetEnt, offering a fresh twist on classic slot symbols with its number-based gameplay. The game’s standout features include the respin that triggers with every win and the xReel feature that can multiply your win up to 50 times, making it a high-volatility game with a substantial maximum win of 25,000x the bet.

In my opinion, “Lights, Camera, Cash!” delivers a high-quality gaming experience that is both entertaining and potentially rewarding. Compared to other games in the genre, it stands out with its innovative features and immersive game show theme. The high volatility might not appeal to everyone, but for those who enjoy the thrill of high-risk, high-reward gameplay, this game is a great choice.

I encourage all slot enthusiasts to give “Lights, Camera, Cash!” a try. Its unique selling points, combined with NetEnt’s reputation for excellence, make it a game worth exploring. You might just find yourself under the spotlight, walking away with a significant win.

Frequently asked questions about Lights, Camera, Cash!

Who is the game provider for Lights, Camera, Cash!?

Lights, Camera, Cash! was developed by NetEnt

When was Lights, Camera, Cash! released?

Lights, Camera, Cash! was released in Nov 02, 2023

What is the maximum amount you can win on Lights, Camera, Cash!?

The max win on Lights, Camera, Cash! is 25,000x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Lights, Camera, Cash!?

The max bet is €1, this can vary on different casinos

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