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Let It Slide


Jade Rabbit Studio

Release Date:

Apr 18, 2022



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Let It Slide Summary

Let It Slide is a thrilling online slot game developed by Jade Rabbit Studio, set in the enchanting snow-covered landscapes of the North, illuminated by the mesmerizing aurora borealis. The game’s standout features include win-both-ways mechanics, unique acorn symbols, and a variety of wilds that add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. With 6 reels, 5 rows, and 20 paylines, Let It Slide offers a high volatility experience, a decent RTP of 96.39%, and a maximum win potential of 17874x your bet. The betting range is flexible, starting from a minimum of €0.10 up to a maximum of €100. Dive into this winter adventure and discover an array of captivating features, such as Wild, Sliding Wild, Sliding Multiplier Wild, Sticky Wild, Sticky Multiplier Wild, Ice Frame, Stacked Wild Symbol, Let It Slide, Free Spins, and Bonus Buy.

Let It Slide Gameplay

Let It Slide is a 6-reel, 5-row slot game with 20 paylines, developed by Jade Rabbit Studio. The betting range is quite flexible, with the minimum bet set at €0.1 and the maximum bet at €100. This high volatility game has an RTP of 96.39% and a maximum win of 17874x.

Visually, Let It Slide presents a captivating winter theme. The game is set within a stunning winter landscape, complete with snow-covered fir trees and a vibrant northern light illuminating the sky. The game’s layout is compatible with all devices, including notepads, mobiles, and desktops.

The symbols on the reels are a mix of classic and thematic elements. The lower-paying symbols are diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts. Landing 6 of the same symbol type pays between 0.7X to 1X the bet. The higher-paying symbols are wooden sculptures of a squirrel, a lynx, a wolf, a bear, and a reindeer. If you land 6 of the same symbol type, it pays between 1.3X to 10X the bet.

The game also features a mix of wild symbols, including an acorn and its stacked wild, represented by a wooden log. These wild symbols add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Winning combinations are formed by landing 3 or more of the same symbol type on adjacent positions, starting either on the far left or right. This mechanic, combined with the game’s visual elements, creates an engaging and immersive player experience.

Let It Slide Features

Let It Slide is packed with various special features that enhance gameplay and increase winning potential.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol substitutes for other symbols, creating more winning combinations. There are several types of Wilds, each with unique characteristics.

Sliding Wild

This Wild appears only within the Let It Slide feature. It has a 1X multiplier initially, which can increase if two sliding wilds overlay the same position during a respin.

Sliding Multiplier Wild

This Wild appears after the first reflection in the Let It Slide feature. Its multiplier increases by 1X with each subsequent reflection, with no limit to its growth. If two Sliding Multiplier Wilds overlay each other, their values are added for the current respin.

Sticky Wild

The Sticky Wild is created when a Sliding Wild passes an Ice Frame, remaining in place to increase winning potential.

Sticky Multiplier Wild

This Wild is created when a Sliding Multiplier Wild passes an Ice Frame. Its value remains and may increase temporarily when overlaid by a Sliding or Sliding Multiplier Wild during a respin.

Ice Frame

When the Let It Slide feature is activated, 1 to 2 Ice Frames appear. They can only land on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. When a Sliding Wild or Sliding Multiplier Wild passes over an Ice Frame, a Sticky Wild or Sticky Multiplier Wild is created.

Stacked Wild Symbol

This symbol appears only on reels 1 and 6, helping to create more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols.

Let It Slide

This feature is activated by landing a fully visible Stacked Wild symbol on either reel 1 or 6. A Sliding Wild is placed on the adjacent reel, moving one reel per respin in a diagonal pattern. The feature continues as long as the Sliding Wild remains on the reels.

Free Spins

Landing two fully Stacked Wild symbols on reels 1 and 6 activates the Free Spins feature. All base game features can be triggered during Free Spins, increasing the potential for substantial wins.

Bonus Buy

Players can directly activate the Free Spins feature using the Bonus Buy option, paying 57X the bet to do so.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering varied gameplay and high win potential. Strategies players might use include utilizing the Bonus Buy feature to access Free Spins more frequently, or aiming to trigger the Let It Slide feature to take advantage of the Sliding Wilds and Multipliers.

Let It Slide Conclusion

In the realm of online slots, Let It Slide stands out as a unique and thrilling experience, offering players an immersive journey into the enchanting Northern Lights and magical acorns. The game’s win-both-ways feature and tree logs create a gaming experience unlike any other, with a special acorn at its core, enhancing the overall enjoyment and excitement.

With impressive technical specifications, such as a 96.39% RTP, high volatility, and a maximum win potential of 17874x the bet, Let It Slide will leave slot enthusiasts eager for more. The diverse range of features, including Wild, Sliding Wild, Sliding Multiplier Wild, Sticky Wild, Sticky Multiplier Wild, Ice Frame, Stacked Wild Symbol, Let It Slide, Free Spins, and Bonus Buy, elevate the gameplay to new heights.

In my personal opinion, Let It Slide is an exceptional addition to the world of online slots. It seamlessly combines captivating visuals with engaging gameplay and comprehensive features, ensuring every player’s experience is enjoyable, memorable, and potentially rewarding. Compared to other slots in the genre, Let It Slide is undeniably a force to be reckoned with.

Encouraging all slot enthusiasts and curious players to explore this gem from Jade Rabbit Studio, the captivating Northern Lights and magical acorns of Let It Slide await your adventure.

Frequently asked questions about Let It Slide

Who is the game provider for Let It Slide?

Let It Slide was developed by Jade Rabbit Studio

When was Let It Slide released?

Let It Slide was released in Apr 18, 2022

What is the maximum amount you can win on Let It Slide?

The max win on Let It Slide is 17874x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Let It Slide?

The max bet is €100, this can vary on different casinos

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