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Grand Melee



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Aug 16, 2023



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Grand Melee Summary

Grand Melee is a thrilling online slot game developed by Thunderkick, set to be released on August 16, 2023. The game transports players back to medieval times, where brave knights battle for glory in a grand tournament. With a high volatility rate and a maximum win of 5000x the bet, the excitement is palpable. The game features 6 reels, 4 to 7 rows, and up to 1193 connecting pay ways, offering a wide range of betting options from €0.1 to €100.

The standout features of Grand Melee include Sticky Respin, Symbol Upgrade, Symbol Expansion, Game Area Expansion, and a Bonus Game. These features not only enhance the gaming experience but also increase the chances of hitting big wins. With an RTP of 96.17%, Grand Melee promises a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience.

Grand Melee Gameplay

Grand Melee is a 6-reel slot game with a varying number of rows, ranging from 4 to 7. It offers 1193 paylines, providing players with ample opportunities to win. The betting range is flexible, with a minimum bet of €0.1 and a maximum bet of €100, accommodating both casual players and high rollers.

The game’s visual style is deeply rooted in a medieval theme. The reels are set against a backdrop of a lively tournament, complete with tents, lush trees, and a majestic castle. The symbols on the reels include traditional card values (10, J, Q, K, and A) as lower-paying symbols, and knights in various colors (blue, green, purple, red, and gold) as higher-paying symbols. The golden crown with two swords represents the scatter symbol, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

During the spins, players can also land special symbols such as symbol upgrade, symbol expansion, and game area expansion symbols, each adding a unique twist to the gameplay and enhancing the player’s experience. Winning combinations are formed by landing three or more of the same symbol type on adjacent positions, starting from the leftmost reel.

Grand Melee Features

Grand Melee offers a variety of special features that enhance its gameplay and appeal. These include Sticky Respin, Symbol Upgrade, Symbol Expansion, Game Area Expansion, and a Bonus Game.

The Sticky Respin feature can be randomly triggered during your spins. A paying symbol type is selected and displayed above the reels. If you land 5 or more of the selected symbol type, they become sticky in their positions, and you receive a respin. If you land more of the selected symbol type, they also become locked, and you continue to receive a new respin.

During your spins, you can also land Symbol Upgrade symbols, which turn all instances of the current sticky symbols into more valuable sticky symbols. Symbol Expansion symbols can also appear, turning into the current sticky symbol type and expanding so that the whole reel it landed on is covered with the sticky symbol type.

The Game Area Expansion symbol turns into the current sticky symbol type and adds a new row at the bottom of the game area. You can get up to 7 rows, and when a new row is added, it can also include scatter and feature symbols.

The Bonus Game is activated if you land 5 or more scatter symbols. You can also land scatter symbols during the sticky respin feature if the scatter symbol has been selected as the sticky symbol type. You are then awarded a number of free spins corresponding to the number of scatter symbols you had upon activation.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering various ways to increase your winnings and engage with the game. Players might use strategies such as betting higher to increase the potential payout of these features, or playing longer sessions to increase the likelihood of triggering them.

Grand Melee Conclusion

Grand Melee is a thrilling medieval adventure that takes you to a grand tournament where brave knights fight for glory. Developed by Thunderkick, this slot game offers a unique gaming experience with its sticky respins, symbol upgrades, symbol expansion, game area expansion, and bonus game features. The game’s unique selling points include an impressive maximum win of 5000x, a variable game area, and high volatility that adds an exciting edge to every spin.

In my opinion, Grand Melee stands out in the crowded genre of online slots with its engaging theme, immersive gameplay, and innovative features. The high volatility might not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy the thrill of high-risk, high-reward gameplay, this slot is a must-try. Compared to other games in the genre, Grand Melee offers a more dynamic and engaging experience thanks to its varying game area and exciting bonus features.

I wholeheartedly encourage readers to try Grand Melee for themselves and immerse themselves in this thrilling medieval world. With its high win potential, engaging gameplay, and innovative features, it’s a game that offers a truly unique and exciting experience.

Frequently asked questions about Grand Melee

Who is the game provider for Grand Melee?

Grand Melee was developed by Thunderkick

When was Grand Melee released?

Grand Melee was released in Aug 16, 2023

What is the maximum amount you can win on Grand Melee?

The max win on Grand Melee is 5000x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Grand Melee?

The max bet is €100, this can vary on different casinos

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