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Gold Mine Stacks 2


Nailed It! Games

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Feb 16, 2023



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Gold Mine Stacks 2 Summary

Gold Mine Stacks 2 is an exciting new casino slot from Nailed It! Games, taking players back to a familiar gold mine with fresh features and higher stakes. Released on February 16, 2023, this 5-reel, 3-row, and 20-payline slot game offers an RTP of 96.15%, a high hit frequency of 44.71%, and an impressive max win of 50,000x the bet. With a betting range of €0.20 to €40, the game caters to various players. Standout features include Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Wild Stacks Respins, Gold Mine Stacks Bonus, Super Gold Mine Stacks Bonus, Bonus Bet, and Bonus Buy, ensuring an engaging and thrilling gaming experience.

Gold Mine Stacks 2 Gameplay

Gold Mine Stacks 2 is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game with 20 paylines. The betting range is quite flexible, starting from a minimum bet of €0.2 up to a maximum bet of €40. This high volatility game offers a maximum win of 50000x your bet and has an RTP of 96.15%.

The game’s visual style is a delightful departure from the original, with the mine now covered in ice and snow. The result is a clean, crisp layout with bright, colorful visuals that are easy on the eyes. The simplicity of the design works well, creating a pleasant atmosphere that’s enhanced by a relaxing tune.

On the reels, you’ll find lower-paying symbols represented by J, Q, K, and A. Landing five-of-a-kind of these symbols will pay 2x your bet. The higher-paying symbols are variously colored gems (blue, green, purple, and red). A full line of five with one of these symbols will net you a win of 8x-20x your bet.

The Wild symbol is represented by a cart of gold, which can substitute for other paying symbols to help create winning combinations. Lastly, the Bonus (Scatter) symbol is key to triggering the Gold Mine Stacks Bonus. Landing three or more of these symbols will activate this feature.

Gold Mine Stacks 2 Features

Gold Mine Stacks 2 offers a variety of special features that enhance gameplay and increase winning potential.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol substitutes for other paying symbols, creating more winning combinations.

Scatter Symbol

Landing 3 or more Scatter symbols triggers the Gold Mine Stacks Bonus, opening up opportunities for significant wins.

Wild Stacks Respins

When a stacked Wild reel lands, the Wild Stacks Respins feature is activated. Respins continue until no additional stacked Wild reels appear.

Gold Mine Stacks Bonus

Before the bonus game begins, The Randomizer spins, boosting one of the Bonus Prizes by up to 20x. You also have the option to gamble the bonus. Successful gambles award an extra life, allowing for more re-spins. The feature starts with 3 re-spins, which reset each time a new symbol lands. The game features 16 levels, with higher levels offering higher coin values.

Super Gold Mine Stacks Bonus

This feature is triggered by landing a Safe symbol in The Randomizer. Here, all Bonus prizes are boosted by up to 20x, significantly increasing the potential winnings.

Bonus Bet

Activating the Bonus Bet increases your bet by 25% but doubles your chance to trigger the Gold Mine Stacks Bonus.

Bonus Buy

For those who want to jump straight into the action, the Bonus Buy option allows you to purchase entry into the Gold Mine Stacks Bonus (100x) or the Super Gold Mine Stacks Bonus (250x).

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering various ways to win and increasing the excitement of gameplay. Strategies players might use include activating the Bonus Bet to increase the chance of triggering the bonus round, or using the Bonus Buy to skip straight to the high-potential bonus games.

Gold Mine Stacks 2 Conclusion

Gold Mine Stacks 2 is an exciting and innovative slot game from Nailed It! Games, building upon the success of its predecessor with improved features and mechanics. The game’s unique selling points include an impressive maximum win potential of 50,000x the bet, high volatility, and a 44.71% hit frequency, ensuring constant thrills and anticipation for players.

In my opinion, Gold Mine Stacks 2 offers a fantastic user experience, combining engaging graphics, captivating gameplay and a well-balanced mathematical model. With plenty of features to unlock and explore, enjoyment levels are high. Comparing it to other titles in the genre, Nailed It! Games has done an excellent job in maintaining the excitement while improving the game’s mechanics.

I strongly encourage readers to give Gold Mine Stacks 2 a spin and experience the thrill for themselves. As an expert in the field, I confidently predict that this game will quickly become a favorite among slot enthusiasts looking for an exhilarating adventure filled with lucrative rewards.

Frequently asked questions about Gold Mine Stacks 2

Who is the game provider for Gold Mine Stacks 2?

Gold Mine Stacks 2 was developed by Nailed It! Games

When was Gold Mine Stacks 2 released?

Gold Mine Stacks 2 was released in Feb 16, 2023

What is the maximum amount you can win on Gold Mine Stacks 2?

The max win on Gold Mine Stacks 2 is 50000x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Gold Mine Stacks 2?

The max bet is €40, this can vary on different casinos

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