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Giga Jar


Push Gaming

Release Date:

Mar 28, 2023



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Max Win Probability:

1 in 5.5M rounds

Bonus Round Frequency:

Giga Jar Summary

Giga Jar is a vibrant online slot game developed by Push Gaming, released on March 28, 2023. The game is a delightful continuation of the Jammin’ Jars series, featuring the same charming, groovy jars. The theme revolves around cube-shaped fruits, a nod to the real-life trend of cube-shaped watermelons in Japan. The standout features include Cascade, Instant Prize Symbols, Jar Meter, Wild Jar Symbol, Giga Jar, Snowball, Ice Breaker, and Ante Bet.

The game grid consists of 7 reels and 7 rows, with wins formed by landing 5 or more of the same symbol type in a cluster. The betting range is flexible, starting from a minimum bet of €0.1 to a maximum bet of €100. The game offers a medium volatility and an RTP of 96.48%, with a maximum win potential of 10000x the bet. The Ante Bet feature increases the chance of triggering the bonus round, with a maximum win probability of 1 in 5.5 million rounds.

Giga Jar Gameplay

Giga Jar is a 7×7 reel slot game with 5 paylines, developed by Push Gaming. The betting range varies from a minimum bet of €0.1 to a maximum bet of €100, making it accessible for all types of players. The game offers a medium volatility level and an RTP of 96.48%, with a maximum win potential of 10000x the bet.

Visually, Giga Jar boasts a vibrant disco theme, with the reels set against an ice bar backdrop. The main character, DJ Giga Jar, can be seen to the left of the reels, adding a lively touch to the game. The game’s symbols include cube-shaped blueberries, grapes, kiwi, peach, orange, and strawberry. The lower-paying symbols are the blueberries, grapes, and kiwi, while the higher-paying symbols are the peach, orange, and strawberry. Landing 16 or more of the same symbol type can pay between 10X to 500X the bet.

During the game, you can also land Instant Prize symbols, which can have values of up to 1000X each. The wild symbol is represented by the Jammin’ Jars, and it can also be accompanied by the Giga Jar symbol. A win is created by landing 5 or more of the same symbol type in a cluster, triggering the cascade feature, which allows for multiple wins during the same spin.

Giga Jar Features

Giga Jar offers a variety of special features that enhance its gameplay and appeal. These include:


The Cascade feature is activated when you land a winning cluster. The symbols that were part of the win disappear, and new symbols fall down to cover the empty positions. This continues as long as new wins are created, with each win increasing the progress on the Jar Meter.

Instant Prize Symbols

Landing 5 or more Instant Prize symbols in a cluster awards you their total value. These symbols can land with multipliers of either 1X, 2X, 5X, 10X, 25X, 50X, 100X, 250X, 500X or 1000X the bet.

Jar Meter

The Jar Meter, located to the left of the reels, tracks your progress towards activating various features throughout the game. These include Giga Jar, Wild Jar, and Giga Jar multipliers.

Wild Jar Symbol

The Wild Jar is the game’s wild symbol, helping to create more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols. After three consecutive cascades, you are awarded the first wild jar symbol, which is placed in a random position on the reels. You can unlock a total of 3 wild jar symbols.

Giga Jar

Activating 3 wild jar symbols triggers the Giga Jar feature. The 2X2 sized Giga Jar symbol is placed in a random position on the reels and remains until the feature ends. Its 2X2 size corresponds to four 1X1 wild symbols.


The Snowball feature can be randomly activated after 2 winning cascades and no win on the third cascade. It places 1 to 2 giant symbols on the reels, which can be 2X2, 3X3, or 4X4 Instant prizes or paying symbols.

Ice Breaker

The Ice Breaker feature can also be randomly activated after 2 winning cascades and no win on the third cascade. It removes between 1 to 3 symbol types from the reels, enabling new winning combinations.

Ante Bet

Activating the Ante Bet instantly fills the first wild jar meter, guaranteeing a wild jar symbol during each spin that the Ante Bet is activated.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering various ways to win and keeping the gameplay exciting. Players might use strategies such as activating the Ante Bet to increase their chances of landing wild jar symbols and triggering other special features.

Giga Jar Conclusion

Giga Jar, the latest addition from Push Gaming, is a delightful continuation of the Jammin’ Jars series, offering a unique and engaging gaming experience. The game’s appeal lies in its harmonious design, featuring cube-shaped fruits, and the return of the groovy jars that can generate massive winning combinations with their explosive multipliers.

Personally, I find Giga Jar to be a well-balanced game with its medium volatility and a potential maximum win of 10000X the bet. The introduction of new features like the Ice Breaker and Snowball, along with the return of the Wild Jar Symbol and the Jar Meter, keeps the game fresh and exciting. Compared to other slots in the genre, Giga Jar stands out with its unique gameplay and captivating visuals.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore Giga Jar for yourself. With its engaging features, balanced gameplay, and the potential for significant wins, it’s a game that slot enthusiasts should not miss. So, step onto the dance floor and join the party at Giga Jar.

Frequently asked questions about Giga Jar

Who is the game provider for Giga Jar?

Giga Jar was developed by Push Gaming

When was Giga Jar released?

Giga Jar was released in Mar 28, 2023

What is the maximum amount you can win on Giga Jar?

The max win on Giga Jar is 10000x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Giga Jar?

The max bet is €100, this can vary on different casinos

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