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Find the Diamonds!



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Feb 15, 2023



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Find the Diamonds! Summary

Dive into the world of precious gems with “Find the Diamonds!” – a captivating online slot game developed by iSoftBet. Released in February 2023, this game follows a unique pick & click setup, similar to popular titles like Aztec Gold: Mines, Gold Digger: Mines, and Hot Shots: Mines. The game’s theme revolves around picking diamonds to create wins, with the thrilling twist of avoiding bombs that can end your round. The game features a 5×5 grid, a betting range from €1 to €300, and a maximum win potential of 282x your bet. Despite a slightly lower RTP of 94%, the excitement lies in the unconventional gameplay and the chance to chain diamond picks for bigger wins.

Find the Diamonds! Gameplay

Find the Diamonds! is a unique online slot game developed by iSoftBet. The game features a 5×5 grid, a departure from the traditional reel setup. The game does not have specific paylines, instead, players are tasked to find diamonds hidden behind each position on the grid. The betting range is flexible, starting from a minimum bet of €1 up to a maximum bet of €300, catering to both casual players and high rollers.

The visual style of Find the Diamonds! is glamorous and immersive. The grid is centrally located on the screen, encased in a shiny frame, with diamonds floating around in the background. Each position on the grid is dark shaded with a diamond figure, adding to the game’s theme. The symbols consist of shining diamonds and bombs, referred to as mines in the game.

The gameplay revolves around clicking on the positions to reveal diamonds. Each successful pick increases your winnings. However, picking a mine ends the game round, and you lose everything collected in that round. To the left of the grid, players can choose their bet level and the number of mines they wish to play with, ranging from 1 to 15. The more mines you choose, the higher the risk, but also the greater the potential rewards.

Players have the option to collect their winnings at any time before making a pick and start over with a new game board. This feature adds an element of strategy to the game, allowing players to weigh their risk and reward options.

Find the Diamonds! Features

Find the Diamonds! offers a unique Pick & Click feature, which sets it apart from traditional slot games. In this feature, players aim to pick as many diamonds as possible while avoiding the bomb or bombs, depending on the starting layout.

The game offers 7 starting setups, ranging from 1 to 15 bombs, each with a predetermined number of maximum picks before a game round is over. For instance, if you choose the setup with 2 bombs and manage to pick all 23 diamonds, you can win up to 282X the bet. The choice of starting setup does not affect the RTP, which remains constant at 94%.

The Pick & Click feature contributes significantly to the game’s appeal by introducing an element of strategy and decision-making, making it more engaging and interactive. Players can choose to collect their winnings at any time or continue picking diamonds for potentially higher rewards, knowing that revealing a bomb ends the game.

A potential strategy could be to start with a setup with fewer bombs to have a higher chance of collecting more diamonds. However, the setup with more bombs offers higher rewards, making it a high-risk, high-reward choice.

Find the Diamonds! Conclusion

“Find the Diamonds!” by iSoftBet is a unique pick & click-style game that stands out in the crowded online slot market. Its distinctive gameplay, reminiscent of popular titles like Aztec Gold: Mines and Gold Digger: Mines, offers a refreshing change from traditional slot mechanics. The game’s simplicity, combined with the potential for a 282x max win, makes it an appealing choice for both casual players and high rollers alike.

In my opinion, “Find the Diamonds!” is an enjoyable and engaging game. The thrill of picking diamonds and avoiding bombs adds an exciting element of risk and reward, making each round feel tense and rewarding. Compared to other slots in the genre, it offers a similar level of enjoyment but with a unique twist that keeps gameplay feeling fresh and exciting.

I encourage our readers to give “Find the Diamonds!” a try. Its unique gameplay mechanics and solid max win potential make it a worthwhile addition to any online slot enthusiast’s playlist. Don’t miss out on the chance to uncover some diamonds of your own!

Frequently asked questions about Find the Diamonds!

Who is the game provider for Find the Diamonds!?

Find the Diamonds! was developed by iSoftBet

When was Find the Diamonds! released?

Find the Diamonds! was released in Feb 15, 2023

What is the maximum amount you can win on Find the Diamonds!?

The max win on Find the Diamonds! is 282x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Find the Diamonds!?

The max bet is €300, this can vary on different casinos

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