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Donkey Dash


SG Digital

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Apr 10, 2022



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Donkey Dash Summary

“Donkey Dash” is a thrilling, interactive table game developed by SG Digital. Released in April 2022, this game brings a unique twist to online gaming by allowing players to bet on one of six donkeys in a race. Each donkey offers different payouts, ranging from 2X to 100X the bet. The game’s standout features include Gold Number Balls, Instant Prize Balls, and Multiplier Balls, which can lead to wins up to 500X the bet. With a minimum bet of €0.50 and a maximum bet of €30, Donkey Dash caters to a wide range of players. However, its RTP of 95% (or 89.99% in some versions) might be a consideration for some.

Donkey Dash Gameplay

Donkey Dash is a unique online slot game that features a horizontal racing mechanic instead of the traditional reels and paylines. Players start by choosing one of six donkeys and placing a bet between €0.50 and €30. Each donkey has a different number of arrows representing the steps they can take towards the finish line, with the red donkey having 3 arrows and the purple donkey having 8.

The game’s visual style is vibrant and engaging, set in a large donkey racing stadium with a grass field and a crowded stand in the background. The donkeys are beautifully designed, each with its unique color and profile picture. The game’s layout includes a colorful logo in the top left corner, a speaker with a microphone narrating the game, and a ball in the top right corner displaying random numbers that determine the donkeys’ movement.

The gameplay is simple yet exciting. After placing a bet, the speaker starts the race by drawing a random number ball. The donkey with the corresponding number in the chart at the top of the screen moves one step forward. The race continues until the first two donkeys reach the finish line. The winning donkey’s payout depends on the number of arrows it had at the start of the race, with the purple donkey offering the highest payout of 100x the bet. Second place always pays 1x the bet, regardless of the donkey chosen.

The game also features a speed mode option, represented by a flash button in the bottom right corner, for players who prefer a faster pace.

Donkey Dash Features

Donkey Dash offers unique features that enhance the gaming experience. These include Gold Number Balls, Instant Prize Balls, and Multiplier Balls.

Gold Number Balls: Each donkey has a special number that moves it two arrows forward. This number is marked by an arrow on the top chart and the corresponding ball is golden. This feature can significantly increase your chances of winning, as it allows the donkeys to cover more distance with fewer numbers.

Instant Prize Balls: There are six Instant Prize Balls that can be drawn randomly during the game. These balls have values of 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, and 100X the bet. If an Instant Prize Ball is drawn, the prize is added to the screen and can be won regardless of your donkey’s position.

Multiplier Balls: These balls come in three versions: 2X, 3X, and 5X. If a Multiplier Ball is drawn, its number multiplies the amount of the 1st place winner. However, the Multiplier Ball can only be used if your donkey finishes in 1st position.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering various ways to win and adding excitement to the gameplay. Players might use different strategies, such as betting on the donkey with the most favorable special number or aiming for the Instant Prize Balls.

Donkey Dash Conclusion

Donkey Dash, developed by SG Digital, is a unique and engaging table game that offers a refreshing break from traditional slot games. Its main appeal lies in its interactive gameplay, where players bet on one of six donkeys in a race, with potential winnings ranging from 2X to 100X the bet. The excitement is further amplified by the possibility of activating cash prizes and multipliers during the race, leading to a maximum win of 500X the bet.

In my opinion, Donkey Dash stands out in the crowded online gaming market with its innovative concept and immersive gameplay. The game’s charm is in its simplicity and the thrill of cheering for your chosen donkey, making it a fun and enjoyable experience. While the RTP is slightly lower than some other games at 95%, the unique gameplay and potential for substantial wins more than make up for it.

I encourage all our readers to give Donkey Dash a try. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking for something different or a newcomer seeking an engaging introduction to online gaming, this game offers a one-of-a-kind experience that’s not to be missed.

Frequently asked questions about Donkey Dash

Who is the game provider for Donkey Dash?

Donkey Dash was developed by SG Digital

When was Donkey Dash released?

Donkey Dash was released in Apr 10, 2022

What is the maximum amount you can win on Donkey Dash?

The max win on Donkey Dash is 500x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Donkey Dash?

The max bet is €30, this can vary on different casinos

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