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Deep Descent


Relax Gaming

Release Date:

Aug 03, 2021



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Deep Descent Summary

Deep Descent is an immersive online slot game developed by Relax Gaming, released on August 3, 2021. The game takes players on an underwater adventure to explore the mysteries of the deep sea and uncover sunken treasures. The standout features of this game include Wild Respin, Collection, and Deep Descent Progression, which can lead to a maximum win of 18814x the bet. The game’s layout consists of 5 reels and 3 to 5 rows, offering up to 3125 ways to win. With a minimum bet of €0.1 and a maximum bet of €50, Deep Descent caters to a wide range of players. However, its high volatility and slightly lower than average RTP of 95% might appeal more to seasoned players.

Deep Descent Gameplay

Deep Descent is a 5-reel slot game with a varying number of rows, ranging from 3 to 5. The game offers a massive 3125 paylines, providing players with ample opportunities to score winning combinations. The betting range is quite flexible, with the minimum bet set at €0.1 and the maximum bet capped at €50. This makes the game accessible to both casual players and high rollers.

Visually, Deep Descent boasts a captivating fishing theme. The game’s design is set in the depths of the ocean, with various fish swimming in the background. The reels are filled with an array of symbols, including suits in different colors representing lower-paying symbols and various fish for the medium-paying symbols. The highest-paying symbol is a James Cameron-like fisherman, fitting perfectly with the underwater adventure theme.

The game’s wild symbol is represented by a golden ‘W’, each coming with different numbers indicating the number of spins left. The enchanting and atmospheric music played during the spins further enhances the player’s immersive experience, making them feel like they’re on a real underwater expedition.

To create a winning combination, players must land 3 or more of the same symbol type on adjacent reels, starting from the far left. The game’s mechanics, combined with its engaging visuals and sound effects, make for an enjoyable and thrilling gaming experience.

Deep Descent Features

Deep Descent offers several special features that enhance its gameplay and appeal. These include:

Wild Respin

The Wild Respin feature is triggered when a wild symbol lands on the reels. The wild symbol substitutes for other symbols, helping to create more winning combinations. When a wild symbol lands, it locks in place and triggers respins equal to the number shown on the symbol (between 2 to 5). Initially, wild symbols can only land on reels 2 and 4, but once all rows are unlocked, they can also appear on reel 3.


The Collection feature involves a randomly selected symbol for each spin, which fills a collection meter if it forms part of a winning combination. However, wild symbols included in a win with the special symbol do not contribute to filling the meter.

Deep Descent Progression

Deep Descent Progression offers three levels with increasing rows and ways to win. Level 1 has 3 rows (243 ways to win), level 2 has 4 rows, and level 3 has 5 rows (3125 ways to win). By collecting 7 and 21 symbols, you progress to levels 2 and 3, respectively. Each level upgrade also awards extra wild symbols on reel 3 with additional respins. When no more wins are created, and respins run out, the game returns to level 1.

To maximize potential wins, players might focus on leveraging the Wild Respin and Deep Descent Progression features. Aiming for higher levels with more rows and ways to win can lead to more substantial rewards. Additionally, making the most of the Collection feature can help players progress through levels more efficiently.

Deep Descent Conclusion

Deep Descent is a captivating underwater adventure by Relax Gaming, with its unique selling points lying in its variable rows and ways to win, and an impressive max win potential of 18814x your bet. The game’s high volatility, coupled with a hit frequency of 25.66%, offers an exciting and thrilling experience.

In my opinion, Deep Descent stands out in the crowded online slots genre with its immersive theme and innovative features. The Wild Respin, Collection, and Deep Descent Progression features add depth and variety to the gameplay, making it enjoyable and engaging. Compared to other slots, Deep Descent offers a more dynamic gaming experience with its varying rows and paylines.

I highly encourage you to dive into the deep end and explore Deep Descent for yourself. The game’s unique features and potential for substantial wins make it a must-try for any online slots enthusiast. As a seasoned reviewer, I believe that Deep Descent offers a refreshing and exciting gaming experience that you won’t want to miss.

Frequently asked questions about Deep Descent

Who is the game provider for Deep Descent?

Deep Descent was developed by Relax Gaming

When was Deep Descent released?

Deep Descent was released in Aug 03, 2021

What is the maximum amount you can win on Deep Descent?

The max win on Deep Descent is 18814x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Deep Descent?

The max bet is €50, this can vary on different casinos

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