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Dam Beavers


ELK Studios

Release Date:

Dec 05, 2023



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Dam Beavers Summary

Dam Beavers is an exciting new online slot game developed by ELK Studios, set to be released on December 5, 2023. This game is a spiritual successor to the wildly popular Pirots, featuring a unique theme centered around beavers and their dam-building antics. The game stands out with its vibrant colors, engaging theme, and the innovative CollectR mechanic that made its predecessor so popular.

The game features a 6×6 grid, a high volatility level, and a maximum win potential of 10,000 times your bet. Despite a lower than average RTP of 94%, Dam Beavers offers a wide betting range, with minimum and maximum bets of €0.2 and €100, respectively. The game is packed with features such as Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, and a unique Feature Meter, as well as exciting bonuses like Free Spins, X-iter Buys, and the chance to hit the Max Win.

Dam Beavers Gameplay

Dam Beavers is a unique slot game developed by ELK Studios, featuring 5 reels, 5 rows, and 1 payline. The betting options range from a minimum of €0.2 to a maximum of €100. The game has a high volatility and an RTP of 94%, with a maximum win potential of 10000x the bet.

Visually, Dam Beavers stands out with its multi-layered design, offering a constantly changing environment that adds an extra layer of excitement. The game starts off in a cabin and digs deeper as you progress, providing a dynamic and engaging experience. The game’s grid is one of the most innovative we’ve seen, and it’s compatible with all common mobile devices and desktops.

The game’s symbols include various fruits, with lower-paying symbols represented by blue and green fruit. Collecting one of these pays 0.05x-7.5x the bet, depending on the symbol level. The higher-paying symbols are orange and red fruit, paying 0.05x-50x the bet, depending on the symbol level. A winning combination is formed when a beaver collects a fruit of the same color adjacent to it horizontally or vertically. Symbols can also be upgraded with the help of a feature, increasing their payout.

Dam Beavers Features

Dam Beavers is packed with special features that make the gameplay unique and engaging. The game uses the CollectR mechanic, where beavers collect adjacent fruits or feature symbols of the same color. The Wild Symbol substitutes for other paying symbols, and the Scatter Symbol, represented by a pie, triggers the Free Spins feature when three are collected.

The game grid starts with covered positions, and as beavers walk over them, the block is destroyed, revealing various features. Above the grid, there’s a Feature Meter that progresses as you collect fruits and wilds. At the end of the meter, three feature reward cards are shown, offering Wild Scatter, Refresh Symbols, or Symbol Swap.

To progress to the next floor level, you need to reveal 2×2 breaking points hidden beneath the floorboards. The higher the floor level, the bigger the prizes. TNT Symbols cause underground explosions that remove floorboards, while Firework Symbols upgrade the beaver’s own collectable paying symbols to the next payout level.

Large Coin symbols can appear under the floorboards, and Passages are hidden tunnels that allow beavers to move under the grid and appear on another random collectable symbol position elsewhere on the grid. If you remove all floorboards from a floor level, the Beaver Night Fever is activated, causing all paying symbols to drop out and new ones to drop in at higher payout levels.

The game also offers X-iter Buys, which allow you to purchase bonus features directly. These include the Bonus Hunt, Eager Beaver, Dambuster, Free Spins, and Super Free Spins. Lastly, a gigantic MAX WIN coin is hidden underneath the floorboards on the last floor. If you fully reveal it, the max win of 10000x the bet is paid out.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering a variety of ways to win and keeping the gameplay interesting. Players might use strategies such as aiming for the X-iter Buys to increase their chances of triggering bonus features, or focusing on collecting Firework Symbols to upgrade their paying symbols.

Dam Beavers Conclusion

Dam Beavers, the latest addition from ELK Studios, charms players with its unique theme and innovative mechanics. The game’s unique selling points lie in its colorful beaver characters and the distinctive CollectR mechanic, first introduced in the wildly popular Pirots. This feature sets Dam Beavers apart from the crowd, offering an engaging and fresh gameplay experience.

In my opinion, Dam Beavers delivers a thrilling and enjoyable experience with its high volatility and potential for a massive 10000x max win. The game’s quirky theme and diverse range of features keep things interesting, even if the RTP is somewhat lower than average. Though not perfect, Dam Beavers has enough charm and excitement to stand its ground among other slots in the genre.

In conclusion, I encourage our readers to explore Dam Beavers for themselves. As a seasoned reviewer of online slots, I believe that the game’s unique features and entertaining gameplay make it a worthwhile adventure for both casual players and seasoned slot enthusiasts. Give it a spin and see if these busy beavers can build you a winning combination!

Frequently asked questions about Dam Beavers

Who is the game provider for Dam Beavers?

Dam Beavers was developed by ELK Studios

When was Dam Beavers released?

Dam Beavers was released in Dec 05, 2023

What is the maximum amount you can win on Dam Beavers?

The max win on Dam Beavers is 10000x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Dam Beavers?

The max bet is €100, this can vary on different casinos

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