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Aztec Gold: Mines



Release Date:

Jun 08, 2022



Max Win:

288x, €86400



Min Bet:


Max Bet:


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Aztec Gold: Mines Summary

Dive into the heart of central Mexico with “Aztec Gold: Mines”, a captivating pick & click game developed by iSoftBet. This unique slot, released in June 2022, transports you back to the era of the Aztec Empire, specifically to Tenochtitlan, now known as the historical center of Mexico City. The game’s mystic jungle setting is home to giant snakes, felines with glowing eyes, and the coveted gold mines guarded by an Aztec warrior.

Aztec Gold: Mines is not your typical slot game. It features a 5×5 grid, replacing traditional paylines. The betting range is wide, starting from €1 to a maximum of €300. The game’s standout feature is its pick & click mechanic, offering a refreshing twist to the usual slot gameplay.

With a remarkable RTP of up to 98.88%, players can strategically maximize their winnings. The maximum win potential is an impressive 288x your bet, amounting to a whopping €86,400.

Aztec Gold: Mines Gameplay

Aztec Gold: Mines is a pick & click game with a 5×5 grid, offering 25 picking positions. The betting range is flexible, starting from €1 up to €300. The game does not have traditional paylines or reels, but instead, players click on tokens to reveal treasures or Montezuma Mines.

The visual style of Aztec Gold: Mines is immersive and mystical, set in a lush jungle with a golden logo atop wooden animal heads. The grid is center stage, flanked by a bet setting area on the left and two displays on the right showing collected money and found treasures. The symbols include various treasures and the ominous Montezuma Mine, all beautifully designed to enhance the Aztec theme.

Before each round, players choose the number of Montezuma Mines (1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, or 15) hidden under the tokens, which affects the game’s RTP. Players click on a token to reveal a treasure for a cash win or a Montezuma Mine, which ends the round. The game continues until the player decides to collect their winnings and start over or hits a Montezuma Mine. Aztec Gold: Mines is playable on desktop, notepad, and mobile devices.

Aztec Gold: Mines Features

Aztec Gold: Mines offers a unique Pick & Click feature. In this feature, players select treasures, with the risk of picking a Montezuma Mine increasing as the round progresses. However, the wins also become more valuable the longer the round continues.

The game’s RTP varies depending on the number of mines and the player’s strategy. For instance, with one mine, the minimum RTP is 96.00% and the maximum RTP is 98.88%. The best RTP is achieved by making just one pick in a 1-Mine game, but this will only increase your stack by 0.03X. Picking more treasures increases the total win, with 10 treasures giving a total win of 1.6X the bet, and 24 treasures awarding the player 24X the bet.

The maximum win in Aztec Gold: Mines is 288X the bet, and interestingly, this is achieved by playing with 2 mines, requiring 23 successful picks. The 1-mine game has a lower possible outcome, while the 15-Mines game requires only 10 winning picks to score the max win.

Players might use different strategies based on their risk tolerance. For a safer approach, one might choose the 1-mine game with a single pick, while those willing to take more risk might opt for games with more mines and more picks.

Aztec Gold: Mines Conclusion

Aztec Gold: Mines, developed by iSoftBet, offers a unique and engaging gaming experience. Its distinctive pick & click gameplay, set on a 5×5 grid, diverges from traditional slot mechanics, making it a standout choice in the genre. The game’s immersive theme, transporting players to the heart of the Aztec Empire, further enhances its appeal.

Personally, I found the game’s quality to be exceptional. The high RTP of 98.88% is a significant selling point, offering players a better chance at winning compared to many other slots. The maximum win of 288x the bet, while not the highest in the industry, still provides a thrilling chase. The absence of traditional features like free spins or wilds might deter some, but the innovative pick & click feature more than compensates, making the gameplay enjoyable and rewarding.

Compared to other slots, Aztec Gold: Mines stands out for its unique gameplay and high RTP. The game might not appeal to those who prefer high volatility slots with massive win potential, but it’s a great choice for players who enjoy a more relaxed and strategic gaming experience.

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend giving Aztec Gold: Mines a try. Its unique selling points, combined with its high RTP and engaging gameplay, make it a worthwhile addition to any online gaming repertoire. So, dive into the mystic jungle, navigate the Montezuma Mines, and uncover the treasures that await you.

Frequently asked questions about Aztec Gold: Mines

Who is the game provider for Aztec Gold: Mines?

Aztec Gold: Mines was developed by iSoftBet

When was Aztec Gold: Mines released?

Aztec Gold: Mines was released in Jun 08, 2022

What is the maximum amount you can win on Aztec Gold: Mines?

The max win on Aztec Gold: Mines is 288x, €86400 your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Aztec Gold: Mines?

The max bet is €300, this can vary on different casinos

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