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Aussies vs Emus


Blue Guru Games

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Dec 14, 2023



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Aussies vs Emus Summary

Aussies vs Emus is a thrilling online slot game developed by Blue Guru Games, set to release on December 14, 2023. The game transports players to the heart of Australia, where they become part of the historic “Emu War” of 1932. This high-volatility game features a 7×7 grid with cluster pays, offering a maximum win of 16239x the bet. The game’s standout features include Aussie Wild & Golden Aussie Wild, Emu, Mystery Wheat, Dynamite Mystery Boxes, Emu Charge Feature, Instant Prize Coins Feature, Free Games, and Bonus Buy. With a hit frequency of 26.13% and an RTP of 96%, players can join the battle with a minimum bet of €0.1 and a maximum bet of €100.

Aussies vs Emus Gameplay

Aussies vs Emus is a 7×7 reel grid slot game with 5 paylines, developed by Blue Guru Games. The game utilizes a cluster pays mechanic, where wins are formed by landing 5 or more of the same symbol type in a cluster. Winning symbols are removed from the reels, allowing new symbols to fall down and create more winning combinations. This process continues as long as new wins are formed.

Betting options range from a minimum bet of €0.1 to a maximum bet of €100, accommodating a wide spectrum of players. The game has a high volatility and an RTP of 96%, with a maximum win potential of 16239x the bet.

Visually, Aussies vs Emus boasts an Australian theme, with the Emu War taking center stage. The backdrop is the serene outback, subtly hinting at the impending conflict. The game is playable on all devices, including desktops, notepads, and mobiles.

The lower-paying symbols are clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. A win with 40 or more of the same symbol type pays between 100X to 200X the bet. The higher-paying symbols are cabbage, pumpkin, red onion, and tomato. A win with 40 or more of these symbols pays between 400X to 1000X the bet.

The game features two wild symbols: the Aussie Wild and the Golden Aussie Wild. The Emu symbol can create mystery reveal symbols, represented by wheat, when it lands simultaneously with at least one Aussie wild symbol. During the game, players can also encounter dynamite mystery box, instant prize, collect, and multiplier symbols, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Aussies vs Emus Features

Aussies vs Emus is packed with exciting features that enhance the gameplay experience. The Aussie Wild & Golden Aussie Wild symbols substitute for other symbols, except the dynamite mystery box symbol, helping to create more winning combinations. The Emu symbol, when landed with a wild symbol, triggers the Emu Charge Feature, creating a path of mystery wheat symbols.

Mystery Wheat symbols can appear during spins and the Emu Charge feature, revealing the same random symbol type. Dynamite Mystery Boxes explode when an emu charge path passes by or an adjacent win is created, placing mystery wheat symbols in the adjacent area. Collecting 3 or more dynamite explosions activates the Free Games feature.

The Instant Prize Coins Feature is triggered when an emu and a golden Aussie symbol land simultaneously, revealing instant prize symbols, collector symbols, and multiplier symbols. The Free Games feature awards 8 free spins for the first three dynamite symbols and an extra free spin for each additional one exploded. Each dynamite mystery box exploded during the bonus game awards 1 extra free spin.

Lastly, the Bonus Buy option allows players to immediately activate the bonus game by paying 100X the bet. These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering various ways to win and keeping the gameplay engaging and unpredictable. Players might use strategies such as utilizing the Bonus Buy option to increase their chances of triggering the lucrative Free Games feature.

Aussies vs Emus Conclusion

Aussies vs Emus is a thrilling, high-stakes slot adventure that brings the legendary battle between Australian farmers and cunning emus to life. The unique theme, inspired by the real-life Emu War of 1932, sets this game apart from others in the genre. With stunning graphics, dynamic animations, and a maximum win of 16239x the bet, the game offers an immersive and potentially lucrative experience.

In my opinion, the game’s unique selling points, such as the Aussie Wild & Golden Aussie Wild, Emu, Mystery Wheat, Dynamite Mystery Boxes, and other features, make it a standout in the crowded slot market. The high volatility and hit frequency of 26.13% add an exciting edge to the gameplay. While the RTP is slightly lower than the average, the game’s unique theme and engaging features more than make up for it.

I highly recommend giving Aussies vs Emus a spin. The game’s unique theme, exciting features, and potential for high wins make it a must-try for any online slot enthusiast. Don’t miss out on the chance to become part of this exciting showdown and potentially win big!

Frequently asked questions about Aussies vs Emus

Who is the game provider for Aussies vs Emus?

Aussies vs Emus was developed by Blue Guru Games

When was Aussies vs Emus released?

Aussies vs Emus was released in Dec 14, 2023

What is the maximum amount you can win on Aussies vs Emus?

The max win on Aussies vs Emus is 16239x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Aussies vs Emus?

The max bet is €100, this can vary on different casinos

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