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Alice in Adventureland


Fantasma Games

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Mar 31, 2022



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Alice in Adventureland Summary

Dive into the enchanting world of “Alice in Adventureland”, a new online slot game developed by Fantasma Games. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, this game brings the psychedelic world and intriguing characters to life in a unique way.

The game features 5 reels, 4 rows, and 20 paylines, with a minimum bet of €0.2 and a maximum bet of €80. It has a solid RTP of 96.26% and a mid-high volatility, offering a maximum win of up to 10000x your bet.

Standout features include Special Symbols, Rocketkat, Adventure Free Spins, Ultrabomb, Adventure Spin, and a Bonus Buy option, all designed to enhance your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning big.

Alice in Adventureland Gameplay

Alice in Adventureland is a 5-reel, 4-row slot game with 20 paylines, developed by Fantasma Games. The betting range varies from a minimum bet of €0.2 to a maximum bet of €80, making it suitable for a wide range of players. The game has a mid-high volatility and offers a maximum win of 10000x your bet.

The game’s visual style is vibrant and engaging, with a theme based on Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. The reels are set against a backdrop of a green valley under a purple sky, with occasional appearances from a rabbit zeppelin. The layout is user-friendly and the symbols are detailed and colorful, enhancing the overall player experience.

The lower paying symbols are diamonds, clubs, spades, and hearts. Landing 5 of the same symbol type pays between 2X to 2.5X the bet. The higher paying symbols include a chess piece, teapot, gold pocket watch, rabbit with boxing gloves, and a punky style Alice. If you land 5 of these higher paying symbols, it pays between 3X to 10X the bet. The game’s wild symbol is a golden ‘W’, and landing 5 of these pays 5X the bet.

During the spins, you can also land various special symbols such as the scatter, rocket cat, and ultrabomb, each triggering unique features to enhance gameplay. The game can be played on all devices including mobiles, notepads, and desktops.

Alice in Adventureland Features

Alice in Adventureland offers a variety of special features that enhance gameplay and increase winning potential. These include:

Special Symbols

The game features several special symbols such as Rocketkat, Ultrabomb, Wild, and Multiplier Wild. These symbols act as wilds, substituting for other paying symbols and creating more winning combinations. The Rocketkat symbol can also trigger the Rocketkat feature when it lands on two or more reels. The Ultrabomb symbol, on the other hand, can land on reels 1, 2, and 3 during the Adventure Spin feature and only on reel 1 during the Adventure Free Spins feature.


When the Rocketkat feature is activated, the Rocketkat symbols move to the left, upgrading random symbols they pass and leaving wild symbols in their original location. This feature can also turn scatter and paying symbols into wild symbols and increase the multiplier of wild symbols.

Adventure Free Spins

Landing three or more scatter symbols triggers the Adventure Free Spins feature, awarding 12 free spins. During this feature, each scatter symbol that lands is collected and can unlock different levels, offering additional free spins and activating the Ultrabomb and Adventure Spin features.


When the Ultrabomb feature is activated, an Ultrabomb symbol is placed in a random position on reel 1. This symbol can be activated by a Rocketkat symbol passing over it, causing random paying, wild, and multiplier symbols across the reels to be upgraded.

Adventure Spin

The Adventure Spin feature is activated by collecting 15 scatter symbols during the Adventure Free Spins feature. This feature deploys 3 to 7 Rocketkat symbols and 3 to 12 Ultrabomb symbols on the reels, guaranteeing the activation of the Rocketkat feature.

Bonus Buy

Players can also use the Bonus Buy feature to immediately activate the Adventure Free Spins feature for a cost of 100X the bet, increasing the RTP slightly to 96.30%.

These features contribute to the game’s appeal by offering a variety of ways to win and increasing the excitement of gameplay. Players might use strategies such as taking advantage of the Bonus Buy feature to access the Adventure Free Spins feature more quickly and increase their chances of unlocking the higher levels and additional features.

Alice in Adventureland Conclusion

“Alice in Adventureland” is a captivating slot game from Fantasma Games that truly brings the enchanting world of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to life. The game’s unique selling points include its immersive theme, a solid RTP of 96.26%, and a maximum win potential of 10000x the bet. The medium to high volatility ensures a thrilling experience, while the wide betting range accommodates both casual players and high rollers.

In my opinion, the game stands out in the crowded slot market due to its engaging features such as Special Symbols, Rocketkat, Adventure Free Spins, Ultrabomb, and Adventure Spin. The Bonus Buy feature is a nice touch for those who want to jump straight into the action. Comparatively, it offers a more dynamic and interactive experience than many other slots in the genre. The enjoyment level is high, thanks to the combination of excellent graphics, engaging gameplay, and the potential for substantial wins.

I strongly encourage you to explore “Alice in Adventureland” for yourself. The game offers a unique blend of entertainment and potential rewards that is sure to provide an enjoyable experience. As an expert in online slots, I believe that this game is definitely worth your time.

Frequently asked questions about Alice in Adventureland

Who is the game provider for Alice in Adventureland?

Alice in Adventureland was developed by Fantasma Games

When was Alice in Adventureland released?

Alice in Adventureland was released in Mar 31, 2022

What is the maximum amount you can win on Alice in Adventureland?

The max win on Alice in Adventureland is 10000x your stake

What is the maximum bet amount on Alice in Adventureland?

The max bet is €80, this can vary on different casinos

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