WEISS.BET Exclusive: 20% OFF At the Private Token Sale on February 14th

February 13, 2024

Weft by Weiss

Online casinos are hugely popular, and those based on blockchain technology are all the rage. In addition to increasing player confidence – every gaming transaction can be verified at any time (they are all contained on the blockchain), sometimes, casinos create their internal tokens and consolidate the gambling around them.

An example of such a casino is the gambling platform WEISS.BET and its token WEFT. WEISS Fuel Token (its full name) has a specific value and is accrued mainly as a rakeback from bets made, which is the responsibility of the Play2Earn program. At the same time, Play2Earn tokens participate directly in the Loyalty Program, being a numerical indicator for growth in the latter. Since WEFTs have a value, they can be cashed out into a player’s game account.

In addition to rakeback, WEISS offers a Hold2Earn program that takes the relationship between the player and the casino to a new level. It means that the player freezes his tokens for 8, 24, or 72 hours and then gets them back with a percentage of the platform’s profit for that period.

However, WEISS has decided to go further and introduce its token to the masses by listing it on the PankakeSwap exchange. Currently, the platform tokens are not for sale, but the listing will open up the possibility for WEFT to be withdrawn to the exchange for subsequent trading, making this asset more versatile. The price, in turn, will become volatile and will be dictated by the conditions of the DEX.

Therefore, the platform announces a unique opportunity to become a token holder by directly purchasing tokens at a stable price (with a 20% discount) by participating in the Big Private WEFT Sale scheduled for February 14-17! However, the sale may end early due to the limited number of tokens available.

Hurry up to join and make your profitable purchase!