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September 9, 2023

Everyone wishes to find the best in life. That regards work, family, life, as well as interests. Here we are trying to deliver the best casino experience by providing reviews of the best gambling operators. A while ago, we got a call from our friends at They wanted to know what we are doing and how everything is going for us in the iGaming industry. In return, we wanted to find out more about them. We found out that they are all for altruism and that they also deliver crisp reviews of the best casino sites. They are making a stand in the business and donates all their profit, with a great goal to stop climate change. Read more, and find out what one force of greatness can do to save the world.

As a reader and follower of this site, we assume that you also want to hear what we answered on the questions asked us. To find that out, listen to ##our interview## on their pod.

Who believes in greatness?

We like to believe that all of us want to believe in greatness. Although, some do it more than others. To be great at something almost always includes money, to create a life full of experiences. Here at, we have done a great job referring many players to the best casino sites. However, in the name of profit, which might not look to be a very noble cause. 

Erik Bergman, who stands at the helm of, has made it in life. Now his biggest wish is to return the favor to the environment, to give all lives a better quality. That, by offering great reviews of the best casino sites in NJ and Sweden, with a message to all. Play online casino to save the world! If that message does not deliver greatness, we can not define what’s great in this world. – A Great Place to Play

The reason why is becoming such a great place to play is that they donate 100% of all profits from player referral to charity in the name of putting a stop to climate change. Up until now, one must say that they have been pretty successful. 

Up until today, December 2020, has donated almost 400 000 euros. It makes them a part of the wheel that makes the world a better place for all of us. If you wish to be a part of the movement, you will have to choose one of the best casino sites that represents in either New Jersey or Sweden. is committed to the cause

As a player who chooses one of the best casino sites on, you can be 100% sure that all of their profit goes to charity. For everyone who wishes to keep track of their results, everything is visible on their website. Sometimes life is not only good. With the right choices, it can turn out to be just great.