Swedens new gambling license and it’s effects

January 19, 2019

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Introduction of the new Swedish gaming license

2019 is here and with it comes the a big change in the casino industry, Sweden gets a regulated casino market with the new gambling license issued by the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA). Government owned Svenska Spel (Swedish Gaming) has until now had a complete monopoly over the Swedish gaming market being the only company permitted to conduct casino, betting in the country.

With the ever rising popularity of online casinos Svenska Spel realized had gained competition from literally hundreds of casinos licensed in other EU countries such as Malta. With huge marketing campaigns many of theses casinos gained a lot of traction and has become big recognizable brands in Sweden. Discussions regarding this matter started in the Swedish parliament in the first quarter of 2017, since the government had no influence of this outside factor a new license was proposed for casinos that want to operate in Sweden this law took effect as of 1 January 2019.

Click the link below to get a full list of all companies that has been granted the new license. The logo of the Swedish gaming authority is depicted on your right side, you can always check the footer of a casino site to see what licenses they currently hold

Click here to see over 100 casinos with SGA license


How does the new license affect players

The ones that benefit the most are of course the Swedish players, the license comes with increased security first of only casino with the license can opereate on the Swedish market, that will most surely remove many of the rouge casino operators. And it´s now possible to for players to make a complaint to the SGA if players has a bad experience or feels like they are being treated unfairly.

Another biggie is responsible gambling, with the implementation of the new license players can close their account on all Swedish casinos for a limited time or until further notice if they feel like they are gambling to much, or simply want a break.

Positive changes

  • All winnings for Swedish players playing on licensed casinos are tax free.
  • Playing casinos trough with loan/credit will be made more difficult.
  • The casinos are now obligated to follow player’s gaming pattern and act if it’s they suspect gambling abuse.


Even tough the license brings mostly good, there are of course a few downsides this is of course our opinion

Negative changes

  • Players can now only receive one bonus on initial registration
  • It is now required for slots to have a 3 second delay between spins, this means you cant stop/quickspin slots. This is fairly annoying since many slots already are slow to play, and some become so slow it takes all the fun out of it.


The casino license effect on Swedish streamers

Casino streaming on big sites like Youtube and twitch has grown exponentially over the last years with thousands of different streamers showcasing and playing the latest and greatest games from different video slot providers, this has been particularly popular in Sweden with many streamers originating from the country.

To be able to play for extended periods of time most of theses streamers has relied on gracious deposit bonuses offered by some casinos exclusivly for streamers, but with the law only allowing one bonus per casino we will most likely see a significant drop in this category.