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February 6, 2019

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Casino traffic from mobile devices

When looking at statistics it is evident that around 50 – 75% of all traffic and in some cases more are coming trough mobile devices, at this point a large majority of the big casinos has well built and optimized sites that provides a good user experience for people playing with their phones or tablets.

When you are looking for a casino to play on the go simply check out our casino reviews and look for the tag “Mobile Friendly” all casinos that works across all devices has this tag.

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Playing casino on portable devices

When we looked into this we could not find that many casinos that actually offered a full fledged casino apps to android, Ios, and windows phones.

The most common way to play on the go is to simply login to their site trough your phones or tablets web browser, we recommend using the latest version of chrome, safari or firefox, these browsers are well known and pretty much all HTML5 optimized games works great on any of the mentioned browsers.


Most casinos works great with direct play trough the phones or tablets browser, we recommend using a modern browser like chrome for the best possible user experience.

Can i play the same games on mobile as on pc ?

For the most part this is possible, but there are of course thousands of games that where developed using the flash player as a dependency. Most providers has converted their biggest titles to html5 to support mobile devices but some games are left out, for older games a computer is a required.


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