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April 15, 2018

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Volatility on slots

When the word used in regards to slot machines volatility or variance is related to depict the risk-level for that game. Volatility in this regard is most commonly used to describe slots that presents players with few wins over a long period of time and some occasional big wins, while its opposite low volatility slots that features wins every other spin, but the wins will of course be smaller.

Playing on high volatility slots
Because the wins are often far apart, and sometimes low it’s essential that you have lots of time and money of you’re going to play on high volatility slots. At some point you’re bound to hit that perfect line that finally restores your balance after a long streak of basically nothing. Some examples of high volatility slots that are popular among players are, Dead Or Alive, Extra Chili and book of ra is examples of popular highly volatile slots. Even tough the stakes are high many players try their luck on games such as these.

The highly volatile games are designed purposely with long gaps between pays. As players we love the thrill of chasing a big bonus, and its often worth the satisfaction when we finally hit that perfect line, that pays back your loses and then some.

Playing on low volatility slots
If you are planning on playing with low stakes with small deposits low volatility slots is usually the better choice since they payout small wins frequently. Even the chance is considerably lower the chance to hit it big on theses slots are still there, its not uncommon to win up to 100x – 200x your bet. These types of slots are also commonly used to plow trough wager requirements, since they have better potential to keep up your balance.

The low volatile games are designed for quick wins, if you prefer fast game play with wins every other spin these types of slots are definitely for you, and as stated before low volatile slots still has the potential for some great wins.

How to determine the volatility of a slot
Igaming providers do no provide any information regarding the volatility of slots, the level of Volatility is readily available on casino slot reviews written by experienced gamblers who spent considerable amounts of time on the slots.

In the end it’s up to the player what kind of slot to choose. Both of them has their own advantages and disadvantages, The crew recommend playing low volatile slots on lower bankrolls. And if you have bigger amounts of money to spare you can try to go for those high risk volatile slots. And as always never play for more than you can afford, in the end it’s always the casino that wins.