Grand February is here compete for £10,000 on FantasyBet

February 9, 2019

Casino news

Are you ready for the Grand February challenge

FantasyBet has arranged a competition with a grand price of £10,000 Fantasybet gives you the opportunity to build a fantasy football team and manage it, show of your skills every week, day or even every game compete in thousands of leagues.

Creativity is the key, being able to compose any team of your liking the possibilities are endless, with a good initial squad of players the right captain and formations you might become the next star manager of fantasy football.

Are you up for the challenge

Muster the inner manager in you and set up the best fantasy football team to get a chance to win the grand price of £10,000. Entry for players is open until February 26th at 19:37 UK time, buy in cost is  set at a meager £33. If you are a football fanatic we warmly recommend you to try out FantasyBets excellent platform

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