guide – Optimal strategy and top 10 tips for lowrolling/playing with small bets on slots (2021)

June 1, 2021

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Low betting strategy

Low rolling is simply the term used for playing online slots with low bets.
When playing with low bets and a limited budget there are a few key factors to consider lets go trough each one


Slot volatility

When choosing a slot it’s important to check the volatility level of a slots, low volatility slots pays small sums frequently, while high volatility slots pay less often but has the potential for bigger wins.

The decision is really up to you, but in general we recommend low to mid volatility slots if you are gambling with a limited budget and high volatility slots if you have more money to spend since the payouts are usually far apart.

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Slot – return to player (RTP)

All slots have a set RTP this phrase describes the theoretical long term payback percentage from all wagers on the slot. The percentage varies and is usually between 94% – 99% When playing with low bets a high RTP slot is preferred since the chances of winning increases dramatically.

The RTP percentage is often included in the paylines or info tab on the casino game, if you cant find it we have included theoretical RTP for majority of the popular games on the market in our game reviews section.


Slots eating money

Sometimes slots go completely cold, most slot players has experienced this at some point, set a budget for for the slot and if it does not pay before your set budget simply change slot. Of course its completely random if you hit or not but sometimes slots just does not want to give anything.


200 Spin rule

As a general rule of thumb you should always try to have at least 200 spins at you chose slot to maximize the chances of triggering a bonus or getting a big win so if you are betting 0.5€ a budget of 100 would be sufficient. Most slots triggers the bonus within 200 spins so this is the way to go.


Finding a good bonus

Even if lowrolling bonuses can be advantageous try to find a good deposit match bonus with a low wager requirement or a non sticky bonus if lucky you can just dump the bonus and withdraw after a good hit. But the best bonus for low rollers are wager free bonus spins these bonuses does of course have a 1x wager to not be abused but they are still great balance boosters that help you along until you get that good hit-

Game recommendations for low rolling

NetEnt – Bloodsuckers
This classic slot from Netent Features a fairly high RTP of 98% the wins on this slot is very frequent. This is considered a low volatility slot

The game features a romantic and mysterious vampire theme. The bonus features are coffin pick em bonus, free spins bonus. Both are triggered quite often making this is great choice for low rolling.

Top 10 Tips and Strategies for Casino Low-Rollers

Do you know that you can enjoy online casinos games even when you are on a budget? Stay with us to learn the top 10 tips and strategies for casino low-rollers as they can help you make the most out of the money you invest in the gameplay.

  1. Choose a reputable online casino.

  2. Only play at fully regulated and licensed online casinos.

  3. Set your bankroll and win and loss limits.
  4. Your bankroll can be the minimum deposit amount the casino of choice accepts.

  5. Play the games with a high RTP.
  6. A high RTP game is considered any title with a return to player above 97%.

  7. Choose low variance slot machines.
  8. Low volatility slots are perfect for low-rollers as they pay smaller prizes frequently, thus keeping your balance safe.

  9. Learn how to play skill-based games.
  10. Skill-based games allow you to use strategies to keep the house edge low and improve your odds of winning.

  11. Play games in demo mode.
  12. Whether you are into luck or skill-based games, give a game to your liking a try in free-play mode before you start wagering real money on it.

  13. Keep your stakes low.
  14. By setting your stakes at a lower value you will be able to play more rounds and have more opportunities to win.

  15. Quit playing when you reach your win or loss limit.
  16. Exceeding these limits and your bankroll could be detrimental to your budget.

  17. Don’t chase losses.
  18. If you are on a losing streak, stop playing and come back for more some other day.

  19. Cash out.
  20. Always cash out your winnings to prevent spending more money on casino games than you have planned.