Guide – High VS low bets | Slots

January 31, 2018

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High VS low bets on casino

When playing slots there are often a wide variety of different bet levels. these usually differ from between 0.03 euro  Рto 30 euro or even higher in some cases. The best way to determine the bet amount you should play with is usually going by how much you deposit. With a low deposit amount a low bet is usually better since you still have the chance to hit it big on the games bonus functions.

Playing with – Low bets

There are many advantages with keeping a low bet level, you get to play longer and your chances of activating or hitting bonus functions on slots are higher since you get more spins for your money.

Even tough your bet amount is low there is still a decent probability of hitting a jackpot is still decent and can yield in a quite big win amount. Also when going this route we recommend slots that pay often rather than slots with long gaps between pays. Some of the games that usually are hot with low bets are, pragmatic slots such as Wolf Gold Slot and 7 monkeys slot. And NetEnt has some good titles for low bets as well with titles such as BloodSuckers2, Starburst and GoBananas to name a few.

Advantages of playing with low bets

  • When playing with low bets you can practically take advantage of every casino welcome bonus.
  • More chances to trigger bonus functions since you usually have a higher yield of spins with a lower bet amount.
  • You get to play for a longer time since you’re money lasts much longer.
  • Even tough you’re bets are low many smaller wins still results in good winnings. and some slots can pay out multitudes even with low bets.


Playing with – High Bets

First of we want to state that it’s quite obvious that higher bets yields in higher wins, but bigger risk you have to consider your economical situation, gambling is not a replacement for a job, and for the most part the casino will make back more than you do.

Now when going in with high bets we recommend you to find a casino with a highroller bonus that can match as much as possible of your deposit amount, this will give you that extra chance you might need before hitting a good bonus.

Advantages of playing with high bets

  • When you hit a bonus function there’s a higher probability of hitting it big and walking out with monster win
  • You can take advantage of high roller bonuses offered and reap the rewards of having huge pools of extra money to play with