Best time to play casino and slots

June 8, 2021

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Best Time to Play Casino

On our gaming portal, we are committed to providing you with information on various aspects of playing at online casinos. Besides tips on how to choose your bonuses and games or make transactions, you can also learn more about the best gambling sites you can join. But, have you ever wondered what the best time to play casino games is? If you have, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will discuss time as a factor that can affect your success at online casino games.

Online Casinos vs. Land-Based Casinos

First of all, we would like to point out that there is a difference between playing at online and land-based casinos. While the former work round the clock remotely, the latter have their dynamics with some hours being busier than others. So, if you want to play online casino games, you don’t have to worry about crowds or opening hours.

However, time may affect the gameplay when playing certain games at online casinos as well. Are you into slot machines or do you prefer table games? Are you looking for some real casino action from the comfort of your home? Let’s find out more about choosing the best time to play at online casinos.

Seasons and Holidays

When we talk about playing at online casinos, we talk about the experience as a whole. It includes not only what games you can play and how much you can win, but also how you can benefit from your stay at the casino. What can significantly improve your online casino experience are bonuses and promotions. They can make it more rewarding. So, before we cover how time can affect the gameplay when playing particular games, let us first take a look at what you can expect from online casino during seasons and holidays.

Today, you can play casino games from the comfort of your home or on the go. Although you can access them wherever you are, it turns out that most players go for this form of entertainment during colder months. When the weather is fine and we enjoy being outside with our family and friends, we spend less time playing casino games. That’s why operators come up with attractive bonuses and promotions to attract new players and make existing ones coming back for more during the summer months. If you want to make use of generous offers that will make your stay at the casino more rewarding, check out summer promotions.

There are a few holidays online casinos particularly like. They include Christmas, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day, to name a few. You will notice that operators host a variety of promotions during the festive season or before these holidays. Players are spoilt for choice with bonuses and free spins for grabs. Also, operators host various tournaments you can enter to win a share of a prize pool. Makes sure to be on time, since the earlier you enter them, the better chances of winning. Not only that these themed promotions are fun, but they can also provide you with an opportunity to lay your hands on some valuable deals and large prizes.

Day or Night

When playing at online casinos, there is no difference whether it is day or night. All reputable gambling sites run on robust, stable platforms that can support a large number of players at the same time. Furthermore, most games are available 24/7, so you can enjoy gaming sessions on your favourite titles any time, day or night.

What you should take into consideration, though, is whether playing casino games affect your daily routine. You should take online gambling as a way to unwind from a busy day and enjoy it as a pastime activity. Play casino games only when you are free to relax and enjoy them fully. Don’t let this activity distract you from the tasks you have to finish.

Part of Month

Some sources claim that chances of winning vary depending on the part of the month. According to them, online slots pay better in the latter part of a month. We have to say that this notion is simply not true. But let us elaborate on it. Online slots are run by the Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG is a microcomputer that generates numbers constantly. These microcomputers are regularly tested both by software providers and external auditors to make sure that results are unbiased.

So, the belief that slot machines pay less at the beginning of a month is a fallacy. Each spin on a slot machine is an individual event and has nothing to do with other players or the part of the month. The only thing you should care about is whether you can afford to play slot machines or not. If you are on a budget, make sure to wager lower amounts or take a break from this form of entertainment until your paycheck arrives.

Best Time to Play Games with Progressive Jackpots

Although online slots generate random results that do not depend on what hour of the day or part of the month or year it is, there are slot games where timing can be crucial for your success. They are progressives, slot machines that award progressive jackpots. As you probably know, these slots have networked jackpot pools collected from all wagers placed on them across various casinos. Progressive jackpots increase with every bet placed on the games that award them until they are triggered.

These prizes can reach multimillion amounts, so it is important to keep an eye on how jackpots progress. As a jackpot gets bigger, there is a higher chance of winning it. So, instead of playing a progressive slot you like when its top prize is low, start playing it when the jackpot increases enough. Once the jackpot is hit, it resets to a predetermined value that is not worth your time and money.

Time and Live Casino Games

Just like RNG-operated games, most live dealer tables are available 24/7 today. However, some tables accept players only within certain hours, so if you want to join them keep an eye on the clock. Besides opening hours, you should pay attention to how many seats the table you want to join offers. Some Live Blackjack tables accept up to 7 players only.

Although you can make use of the so-called Bet Behind option and bet behind the seated players, you cannot enjoy the game of Blackjack to the fullest unless you join the table. That’s why it is important to visit the casino and check out when Blackjack tables are the busiest. Logically, you should avoid these hours and come back when tables are not crowded and the time suits you.

Other Factors You Should Consider When Playing Casino Games

While time may be important when it comes to certain games, like the ones we have mentioned, there are more important factors you should take into consideration when joining an online casino. Here is a lowdown on them:

License and Safety

This is the crucial criterion when it comes to choosing an online casino. If you sign up with a rogue gambling site, perfect timing won’t help you enjoy your stay. For instance, you may start playing a progressive slot machine on time and even hit the jackpot, but you may end up not getting paid. That’s why you should always go for fully regulated and licensed online casinos that respect their customers and treat them fairly.

Banking Methods

Another thing you should pay attention to is the list of supported banking methods and currencies. First of all, you want to register with the casino that accepts your local currency to avoid any unnecessary conversion fees. Then, you should check out supported payment options and whether the operator charge fees on deposits and withdrawals. E-wallets are known as the most convenient banking methods that allow you to fund your account and withdraw your winnings quickly while keeping your financial details safe.

Games Selection

Nothing helps if an online casino does not offer games worth your time and money. By joining reputable gambling establishments, you will have access to a full range of casino games available round the clock. Whether you are into slot machines, progressives, RNG or live dealer tables, you will be in for a treat when you sign up with a trusted operator.

Fair Bonus Policy

Not all casino bonuses are created equal, and by that, we mean that they have terms and conditions that are more or less favourable to the player. So, you may be spoilt for choice when it comes to promotions, but when you look at the terms and conditions, you may find out that they come with high wagering requirements. Make sure to sign up only with those gambling sites that have a fair bonus policy, meaning that wagering requirements are achievable and you can meet them in a reasonable amount of time.

Customer Support

Last but not least, you can never tell when you will need help from a casino agent. Since you can play casino games any time, day or night, online casinos should provide you with assistance round the clock. That’s why you should pick those gambling sites where customer support is available 24/7. Live chat is by far the best way to get in touch with casino agents, so offering this feature is a must for a decent casino.

Closing Thoughts

Despite some thoughts and beliefs, time can do little or almost nothing for you when it comes to online gambling. Although there are a few types of games where perfect timing can help you be more successful, most casino games can be played anytime you want. As you can see, many other factors are more important than time, so bear them in mind and play responsibly.

To enjoy the gameplay to the fullest, wager only the money you can afford to lose, set your win and loss limits and stick to them. You can also set a time limit and quit playing once the time is up. Bankroll and time management can help you be a better casino player for sure.

Best Time to Play Casino FAQ

Can time affect how successful I will be at online casino games?

The answer is yes and no. Time may be an important factor when it comes to playing certain games, like those awarding progressive jackpots and Live Blackjack. Also, it takes time to learn skill-based casino games. However, most casino games are based on luck with random outcomes, so choosing an hour of the day cannot help you be more successful at them.

What is the best time to play live casino games?

Most live dealer tables accept players 24/7 so you can join them anytime you want. However, if you want to play Live Blackjack, you should check what hours are less busy, since most of these tables offer seven seats only.

Is there a recommended time for playing slot machines?

The best time to play slot machines is when you feel good and ready to have fun. Each spin played on a slot machine is an individual event and does not depend on time or other players.

When should I play progressive jackpot games?

The only type of slot machines where perfect timing may be crucial to your success are progressive slots. You should start playing them when their progressive jackpot is high enough as it is more likely to trigger then. The same goes for other casino games awarding progressive jackpots.

Should I play at online casinos during holidays?

Online casinos usually come up with generous offers during holiday seasons, so make sure to visit them and find the best deals for you.

What time of the day is the best for playing casino games?

There is no best time of the day that works for all players. It depends on their daily habits and responsibilities. Keep in mind that online gambling should be entertaining, so play casino games to relax and have fun. If a big win kicks in, good for you!