A €3.1 Million Jackpot Win at Gate777 Casino

August 14, 2019

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A €3.1 Million Jackpot Win at Gate777 CasinoMega fortune 

GATE777 is a first-class online casino that provides a great number of games, among which is the NetEnt progressive slot Mega Fortune, namely the online game which cashed out a massive prize of €3.1 million a few days ago. As all progressive slots, Mega Fortune has an affiliated jackpot that increases with every single no-win spin. The best thing about these jackpots is that one never knows how high they can go, the more gamblers play the game, the greater the prize will be. Our winner, who wished to stay anonymous, was fortunate enough to start playing at the right time and walk away with a hefty payout.

The dream of every gambler is to hit a life-changing jackpot. Such a desire was recently granted to a person from UK who managed to score a jaw-dropping €3.1 million figure. This man wanted to relax while playing Mega Fortune, a game that offers a tranquil and soothing gameplay. How is one not to enjoy a grid filled with symbols depicting a life of luxury and glamour, while pondering what it would be like to actually have a real taste of it? Who knows what was going through this person’s mind once he triggered a payout that will most certainly cause tremendous alterations in his life. We can only assume that things drastically change for those fortunate enough to cash out a seven-figure sum.

In Mega Fortune you will definitely want to get to the Wheel Bonus game, which is actually not that difficult to trigger. However, it usually grants a modest cash prize or from time to time, lets the player enter the second inner circle. For the lucky winner, things started taking off as the arrow allowed entrance into the inner part of the Wheel, making the air thick with anticipation. Once the second spin placed the arrow pointing toward the diamond in the center of the Wheel, the player stood in amazement for it irrevocably meant that his dream became true.
Despite the fact that the online gambling industry is constantly competing in creating content that is both riveting and rewarding, with jackpots that are mouth-watering, it is not frequent that a player gets their hands on millions. Though playing itself provides great satisfaction, the goal is definitely to reach those sky-high prizes that will put a smile on anyone’s face. Companies are putting huge efforts in trying to attract as many punters as possible, offering bonuses and new player deposit incentives. However, it all comes down to luck. Take our triumphant player for example. His initial deposit amounted to £50 and brought him a $3.1 million jackpot.

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In the end, it might be good to remember some of those advice concerning chasing the big sums when playing progressive online slots. Try looking up jackpots that have reached their average winning amounts, making sure the sum you could obtain is as high as possible. Don’t forget to cash in on promotions, such as welcome and reload bonuses, offered by many online casino websites. Finally, always check whether the casino has a license which will guarantee a safe and fair gaming experienceja

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