5 ways to increase your chances of winning at online casinos 2021

May 24, 2021

Gambling guides and strategies

Trying to win on online casinos can sometimes be frustrating, so we have decided to share out best tips for winning when playing online casino slot games.

What’s most important when playing on a online casino

First off we want to make it clear that online casinos is never a replacement for income, the house always has the edge and eventually you are bound to loose. The most important thing is of course to have fun. We urge you to see casino only as a form of entertainment, as such we have composed this casino guide with the best tips to make the most out of your casino experience and increase your chances of winning.

Choose a good welcome bonus

Casino.help offers a multitude of bonuses from over 1000 different online casinos, for starters we recommend to pick out the highest possible welcome bonus with the lowest possible wager requirement or preferably a non sticky bonus or wager free bonus if available

Wager free bonus

This is simply a bonus without any wager requirements, usually with this types of bonuses you only have to wager 1x the deposit + bonus before you can make a withdrawal. Check out all our wager free bonuses

Our favorite wager free bonus


Wager free bonus spins

This is quite a common type of bonus theses days, some casinos offer up to 100 wager free bonus spins these can be a good balance booster. Check out all wager free bonus spins

Regular casino welcome bonuses

This is by far the most common type of bonus can surely be a great advantage, these deposit match bonuses many times come with a high value such as 300% deposit match bonus, but tends to have high wager requirements varying between 15-100x the deposit make sure to look for the best bonus before choosing one. Check out all our welcome bonuses

One of the best welcome bonus we currently offer


Choose a slot suitable for your budget to maximize the use of your bankroll

To further increase your chances of winning it’s important to choose a slot that fits in to your budget, slots come in all so many different forms these days but the determining factor is still the RTP (Return to player) offered by the slot.

The best way to play is to choose a medium to high volatile slot and try to get a good hit and then chew trough the wager with a suitable low volatility slot.

High RTP and low wins

slots with RTP over 97% are usually considered low volatile, this means that they pay often but small amounts

Low RTP with big wins

Medium to high volatility slots usually falls under this category, these slots tends to have give wins less frequently but yield in much higher wins if you are lucky and hit something.

Cash out at a appropriate time

Your winning streak is not likely to last if you are playing with raw cash (no bonus) and manage to get a good hit we recommend you to at least take out a part of it right away to not get sucked in and eventually give it all back to the casino. A good rule to thumb is to withdraw 70% of you big win and and leave thirty to keep playing and having fun.

If you manage to complete a wager it’s recommended to cash it out straight away if you manged to finish on a decent sum and start looking for another good casino bonus.

Do not stay on cold slots

Many players think that if they spend a large amount of money on one slot they are due to pay anytime, however this is not true as slots are built with RNG the big win can come on any spin no matter how many times you spin, if a slot is cold and not giving any wins we recommend trying another one before it completely empties your bankroll.

Making your bank roll last as long as possible

Playing with higher bets will of course yield in bigger wins but this also means that you will quickly empty your bank and significantly lower you chances of winning if you dont have a enormous bankroll.

A rule of thumb is to always have enough bankroll for 200 spins when starting out on a slot, this is usually enough to get one bonus and to keep going so if you betting 1€ its best to have a bankroll of at least 200€ this is easily obtainable with a solid welcome bonus. It should be evident that more spins gives you more chances to win.

Short summary

  • Choose a solid welcome bonus.
  • Calculate you budget and choose a slot you find suitable.
  • Do not stay to long on slots that does not pay.
  • Make you bankroll last as long as possible by playing on such a bet that you start out with at least 200 spins on your chosen slot.